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发布日期 2024年3月27日
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上个版本 1.20.4-3.7.5
下个版本 1.20.4-3.7.7


更改[ | ]

实体[ | ]

  • 调整了光的生成,以避免不安全的生成位置

材质[ | ]

  • 更新了冰之盔甲的物品材质

其他[ | ]

  • 调整了虚无世界的自定义生成器,使其更容易通过数据包控制
  • 将绿肥种子添加到堆肥桶的半常见掉落物中
  • 为注魔添加了一些虚无世界手册条目

漏洞修复[ | ]

  • Fixed a crash on dedicated servers related to Imbuing
  • Fixed AoA Fluid buckets being stackable
  • Fixed Imbuing Chamber creating particles even when the game is paused
  • Fixed Recharge's description saying Energy instead of Spirit
  • Fixed Ambient/Radiant stones' textures being swapped
  • Fixed Lotto Totem's feedback messages being broken
  • Fixed some more issues with the custom spawners
  • Fixed the base Ivory blocks not being in the Creative Mode tab
  • Fixed Pixons being able to spawn with less than their minimum magnitude
  • Fixed Imbuing not allowing you to re-imbue an item with the same enchantment at a higher level
  • Fixed Fence Gates not being in the creative tab
  • Fixed Baron Ground not being in the creative tab
  • Fixed the Thorns, Swift Sneak, and Unbreaking Imbuing recipes having the wrong level requirement
  • Fixed Skill Master not being able to hold all of its trades
  • Fixed Chum giving errored texture particles when using the last one in the stack
  • Fixed Fishing Cage not saving through reloads properly
  • Fixed Imbuing not being included in the Skill Master advancement
  • Fixed the Elite King BamBamBam ornate trophy not counting for Bamm Bamm
  • Fixed the Elite Nethengeic Wither ornate trophy not counting for Nethengeic Deliverance
  • Fixed a crash occurring with the Remorphed mod
  • Fixed Jade, Emberstone, and Limonite Hoe
  • Fixed Hellfires not applying last attackers onto targets
  • Fixed Pixons not being able to spawn in the Nether