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下表为箴言集条目列表(list of bestiary entries),它会显示在游戏中的箴言集中。目前,只有一部分生物拥有箴言集条目。


实体 条目
深渊乐透兑换人 "One of the strange lottomen, the Abyssal Lottoman takes shelter from the abyssal wastelands inside eye pillars.

Like all other lottomen, he's not much for combat, and only seems to care about peddling his totems."

空脑壳 "Inexplicably lightweight, this flying creature gives off the faint smell of bubblegum when nearby. It appears to carry around a large air sack on its head, possibly allowing it to be carried along by air currents.

When poked, its air sack feels soft and brittle; though it does seem to distract potential predators from harming it, as it hides its real head underneath.

When threatened, it fires extremely hard pellets that are manufactured by its own body at potential threats."

警爆者 "Like most of the other Vox Ponds creatures, the Alarmo seems to have become mutated and merged with some of the surrounding structures, combining its previously natural head with a metallic cage.

No-one is really sure how they have managed to survive so long, as their primary method of attack when challenged is to charge directly at the target and explode, killing itself in the process."

魅角兽 "A unicorn-like creature created by infusion creation power into a blank minion slab, the Alluricorn uses its natural speed and strong head to attack anything that threatens its owner.

Its imbued creation energy also reacts handily with kinetic runes, giving the owner a brief speed boost when in contact with them."

宁静的光 "The brightest of the pixons, this one seems to appear across multiple dimensions. This fact has led scientists to believe that pixons aren't actually living creatures, but instead animated energy from somewhere within the dimension itself.

Like all other pixons, when siphoned with a stone or diamond bowl, they drop a condensed formation of their energy in form of ambient infusion stones."

艾菲莉亚 "The Amphibior is an aggressive bipedal creature from L'Borean that appears to be a resident of the aquatic castles.

Their watery coral-like build is noticeable as their body seems to exude water from its pores. It's suspected that this is used as a form of mitosis, as when semi-submerged, they appear to heal wounds very quickly from the water.

When attacking targets, their internal water production goes into overdrive, causing pools of water to form at their feet."

安佛比亚 "An unusually evolved entity, the Amphibiyte is a short quadrupedal creature that lives primarily in or around water.

Despite thriving in aquatic environments, it has vertically flapping wings on either side of its torso, however does not possess the ability to fly.

Being very territorial, Amphibiytes will attack any unfamiliar creature that comes near its cave, charging relentlessly at its target and using its purple barbs to attack.

It is recommended to avoid approaching from the water, as they are able to travel extremely quickly through it.

Due to their surprisingly blubbery flesh, they are well protected from untrained attacks. Only those trained well enough in combat will understand how to properly take on this creature. "

远古傀儡 "Made by unknown creators, Ancient Golems can occasionally be found roaming the overworld.

Due to their age, it is still unknown how their logical operation works, but either through failure or malicious intent, they are aggressive towards humans and seem uninterested in anything else.

They do not possess any weapons, so when attacking they just ram their rusting iron body into their target."

嗜血轰炸机 "Anemias appear during overworld bloodhunts as large, floating masses of red skin surrounding a giant eye.

Like the other bloodhunt creatures, their appearance is directly attributed to their Abyssal origins.

Their favourite pastime is to launch explosive energy balls at the direction of random targets with the hope of spreading their blood all across the nearby land.

Luckily though, their single eye doesn't give them very good depth perception, so you can usually avoid their blasts by standing still as little as possible."

骸骨天使 "Ancient undead spirits of the Haven, it seems as though something within the dimension is holding its spirit in a living state.

It's uncertain whether the creature originally had wings prior to its death, or that it obtained them when returning as a spirit, but it does seem to use them quite heavily.

Angelicas have a dangerous tendency to target unsuspecting travellers and steal them away to the heavens.

Upon spotting a potential victim, it will glide towards them and apply an uncontrollable levitation effect, rising up with its target until its death or falling demise."

垂钓者 "Resembling a two-headed blue walrus, the Angler roams the L'Borean coral fields aimlessly.

In a strange feat of evolution, it appears to have a bioluminescent growth protruding from above each of its heads. It's presumed that these growths were originally intended to lure potential prey when it lived underwater.

With it now being primarily a land animal however, its head growths don't have any known function.

Like most other two-headed, multi-tusked creatures, Anglers are aggressive and will attack on sight.

Its primary method of offense is to charge at the target and use its large tusks to pierce the flesh of its prey."

幽魔 "Contrary to appearances, Apparitions aren't actually physical beings. Instead they are corporeal forms of an unknown origin.

They glide silently with their weightless form, with no apparent motives.

They will attack travellers, withering them briefly on impact."

电弧兽 "This quadrupedal bulky creature is very reminiscent of overworld cows. This makes sense, given that the citizens of the Shyrelands seem to consider Arcbeasts as such.

Like all other ocular Shyrelands creatures, its eyes have evolved to filter out the harsh light of the dimension, giving it a blue tint and reducing visible detail.

They are very timid, and likely to attack out of fear, charging their solid body into entities that frighten it."

电弧花 "Arc Flowers are actually Arcworms using the ground to hide from predators. Cleverly, the arcworm has evolved a growth on its head that looks very similar to nearby flora. It then buries itself underground and relies on vibrations to find prey.

When it senses it is being target, it immediately stops movement and waits until it feels it is safe to move again.

When not staying still, it will sneak up on prey and attempt to eat them feet-first. Unfortunately it doesn't seem capable of determining whether a target is small enough to actually be eaten before attempting to do so.

If hit in retaliation, the Arcworm will immediately come to the surface and begin attacking"

食人花 "Archvines are yet another mutated Gardencian creature, this one originally being a carnivorous trapping plant.

When walking, its feet deploy roots into the ground and break them off with each step. It uses these roots to draw nutrients from the ground wherever it stands.

Like all other mutated Gardencian creatures, the Archvine is extremely aggressive. Due to their greatly increased regenerative powers as a result of their rooting mechanism, Archvines are very resistant to attack and will prove very dangerous to even experienced fighters."

电弧巫师 "An accomplished mage from the Shyrelands, Arc Wizards can be found defending their training grounds from intruders.

Not much is known about them except that they all seem to come equipped with a shyre staff for casting spells.

Keep your distance, as it is not currently known how to communicate with them, and they will attack unknown intruders at a distance with harmful magic."

电弧蠕虫 "This cute little creature is a timid caterpillar-like animal that prefers to spend its time underground. While it does have functioning eyes, it additionally uses vibrations to detect nearby entities and threats.

When un-threatened, it buries itself underground just deep enough to have its body covered, remaining close enough to the surface to breathe as required. Because of this shallow depth, its head-appendage remains above the surface, appearing like a native flower.

Once spotted, it will pop to the surface and charge at the target and bite. Its soft body doesn't offer much offensive strength, but it makes up for that with its tenacity."

空气精灵 "Light and graceful, the Ariel walks the Lands of Runandor, defending it from any potential invaders. It appears to have wings of some kind, though they're filled with too many holes to be able to actually take flight.

Despite appearing humanoid, Ariels actually have no relation to humans, and its similarities are coincidental.

They will attack any invaders on sight, and are quite strong despite their delicate appearance."

爵士乐透兑换人 "One of the strange lottomen, the Baron Lottoman hides away from the harsh climate and deadly creatures of Barathos inside baroness houses.

Like all other lottomen, he's not much for combat, and only seems to care about peddling his totems."

黑熊 "Large, bulky, and intimidating. Black Ursas are a creature of the forests, preferring to live in coniferous areas due to their native fruits.

Despite their appearance, they are actually omnivores and are known to eat fruits, plants, and meats. Their long limbs allow them to reach higher plants and trees than other creatures, combined with their sharp teeth for pulling apart flesh.

Black Ursas hunt purely for food, and so you may find yourself being chased down by one in an effort to satiate themselves. Unfortunately, they're rarely satiated."

盛开的光 "The Blooming Pixon is another variant of the wandering Pixons, found throughout Mysterium.

Its deep purple colouring catches the eye of nearby creatures causing it to be quite noticeable.

Like all other pixons, when siphoned with a stone or diamond bowl, they drop a condensed formation of their energy in form of blooming infusion stones."

炸弹猎手 "With great power comes great responsibility. Someone should have probably told that to the Bomb Carrier. An underdeveloped human, he has somehow managed to find his way into a stockpile of TnT.

While it would be nice to say there's a purpose to his madness, the unfortunate truth is that he's just destructive for the sake of being destructive.

Maybe his parents should have raised him better."

骨炭 "Bonebacks are the stray dogs of the savannah. They're scrawny, boney, and rabid.

In the savannah, unlike most creatures, the Boneback has its feet split into two elongated tarsal structures. This allows the creature to minimise lost energy in traversing sandy surfaces due to retained surface tension.

In general, it's recommended to avoid these whenever possible, as they tend to be less than friendly when encountered.

Additionally, their excessively boney structure causes them to be fairly resistant to most attacks. Only those sufficiently trained in combat will recognise the required techniques to properly attack this creature."

暴风乐透兑换人 "The L'Borean-dimension lottoman, another one of the mysterious lottomen. This one peddles his wares from a fountain-like structure that he found within L'Borean, using it for shelter and security."
灌木婴 "If you were to describe what happens when you combine a furby with a slime before jamming it full of leaves and throwing it on its head, you'd give Bush Babies at a shining example.

These deceptively short creatures hang around high-density jungles and trees, preferring to use their appearance to blend into nearby leaves and shrubs.

Despite their short stature, they are incredibly fast on their feet, and love using this to their advantage to be a general nuisance to whoever they feel like.

Because of this, and their body impact force being amplified by their fast speed, it's recommended to try to stay high up in jungles or avoid them entirely until you are ready to defend yourself from a pack of these impish nightmares."

糖果乐透兑换人 "Another of the strange lottomen group found in the Candyland dimension. Found on candy lotto platforms, they don't seem to care about much except selling their wares."
玩具乐透兑换人 "A lottoman from Celeve. Like all lottomen, it is entirely uninterested in anything but selling things to passers by.

Celevian Lottomen can be found in celevian lotto balloons floating across the world."

袭击者 "One of the most adaptable birds in the overworld. Chargers are a known pest species of large flightless birds that seem intent on flocking towards potential attackers with no regard for safety.

Their long legs and flexible frame allows them great speed and mobility when running across land, beating out even some speedy quadrupeds. The good news is that their mobile prowess is easily offset by their inherent fragility. If confronted by one, it's usually not too hard to dispatch with a few well-aimed hits.

Despite this, it is still worth taking caution, as their high speed and sharp beak can quickly overwhelm unsuspecting victims. "

奇美拉 "The aptly named Chimera is a creature with an unfortunate history. At some point in its evolutionary line, the Chimera's ancestor was born with a parasitic twin attached to its tail.

Unexpectedly, this parasitic twin turned out to be of great benefit to the Chimera as its additional set of eyes and ears, while still maintaining a connected brain stem allowed the creature to thrive. Over time this evolutionary mistake became more common, eventually causing it to become the default design - through the magic of selective pressure.

As a somewhat expected downside, the additional eyes and ears require more energy to operate, and as such this has caused Chimeras to be constantly hungry and hunting for new food. This, combined with the fact that they are carnivores, means that adventurers should avoid being their next meal by keeping their distance as best as possible.

Taking one of these creatures down is made more difficult because of their increased awareness. Only skilled hunters will be able to take a Chimera down."

咀嚼者 "Chompers are large quadrupeds with very powerful forelimbs, which they use primarily for very quick movement through both water and on land. Being amphibious, Chompers are happy to live either on land or in the water, however do need to stay hydrated in order to survive.

Chompers will defend their land aggressively, attacking anyone who may approach them. Their two large tusks ensure that whoever they bite will not be getting away easily."

蠕变银行家 "The Creeponian member of the consortium of bankers. The Creep Banker maintains his presence in Creeponia, keeping track of the activities that happen within the dimension.

Like all the other bankers, he offers free currency conversion services."

蠕变乐透兑换人 "Creeponian Lottoman are often cited as an example of the strange nature of the lottomen group. Given the highly unstable nature of the world, the efficacy of selling goods in Creeponia is arguably questionable.

They can be found in creeponian lotto stands littered throughout the world, and like all other lottomen, are uninterested in anything except selling their wares."

晶体乐透兑换人 "The Crystevian member of the lottoman group, this one hides up in crystal lotto overlooks, keeping distant from the hostile creations of the dimension.

As with all the other members of the group, he wants nothing more than to sell his goods to passing travelers."

独眼巨人 "An otherworldly creature, no-one is really sure where Cyclops originate from. What is known is that they can be found nearly anywhere, and aren't afraid to make their presence known.

They will attack at will, motioning very similarly to what you would expect from a human. There are currently no known instances of communication with a Cyclops, so it is recommended just to avoid them where possible."

沙漠袭击者 "The desert-evolved variant of Charger birds. Like all chargers, due to their high adaptability, they are adept at moving through their environment with their large legs. Unlike most other charger adaptions, the Desert Charger hasn't adapted their feathers and skin to match their environment. Instead, they usually appear different naturally due to sand, dirt, and dust being blended into their hair and covering their skin.

Like all chargers, these will aggressively attack by charging their bodies into the target at high speed and using their beak as a weapon."

异位乐透兑换人 "Dustopian Lottomen can be found locked up in lotto cages in Dustopia, caged there by the Dustopian council for his incessant sales pitches. Curiously, despite his imprisonment, he is entirely uncaring and goes about selling his wares to whoever will buy."
赤鹿 "A very agile animal, the Elkanyne roam the savannahs of the overworld, grazing on grass and shrubs. They are easily spooked, and as such it is not recommended to attempt to sneak up on one.

Elkanyne are very territorial and will defend their home from invaders without much care for personal safety. Their high mobility and strong sharp antlers make them a dangerous animal to be confronted by.

Additionally, their high mobility makes them extremely evasive and hard to retaliate against. Prior experience in combat will be required to have any chance of landing a blow on one of these creatures."

远征大师 "A master of Expedition, this friendly trader roams around the Shyrelands looking to sell special Expedition armour to entities he believes is worthy.

Besides offering trades, he doesn't seem to like to converse much, and not much more is currently known about his origins."

精炼大师 "A master of Extraction, this friendly trader roams around the Deeplands looking to sell special Extraction armour to entities he believes is worthy.

Besides offering trades, he doesn't seem to like to converse much, and not much more is currently known about his origins."

菲什克斯 "The source of many myths and legends, the Fishix is a true monster of the swamps. Its origin is unknown, but it does seem to live solely in swamps and similar areas.

They seem to take great joy in scaring nearby creatures and travellers, and can often be found hiding just beneath water level before popping up and scaring a creature, using seaweed and mud to its aesthetic advantage.

Its very muscular body can make it a real threat in the even that you find yourself facing one. Its brute strength gives its swings enough force to deal serious damage, despite an absence of claws or other sharp appendages.

Due to its high density muscle and tough skin, Fishix are very resistant to external harm and will challenge untrained combatants."

花园乐透兑换人 "A member of the strange lottomen group, this one based in Gardencia. He maintains a high viewpoint over the land from lotto sky flowers dotted around Gardencia.

Just like all other lottomen, the Floro Lottoman is interested solely in selling his items."

采掘大师 "A master of Foraging, this friendly trader roams around Iromine looking to sell special Foraging armour to entities he believes is worthy.

Besides offering trades, he doesn't seem to like to converse much, and not much more is currently known about his origins."

毛狮 "Furlion, despite their name; are neither furry, or related to lions. Its name actually originates from a desert-dweller who once encountered one of these creatures and named it after himself.

Furlions are a migrant species, often found roaming across deserts in search of new sources of food and water. They are entirely herbivorous, and rely on the sparse vegetation in deserts to survive.

They tend to travel in packs, and will defend themselves and the pack vigorously from unknown creatures. When attacking, they will use their thick, strong skull as a battering ram, charging it straight into its target. Following an impact, they use their large, spring-like legs to launch themselves up and away from the target to avoid retaliation, before charging again. This rather successful deployment of a hit-and-run tactic makes Furlions surprisingly deadly to deal with."

耀眼的光 "A roaming pixon that draws its energy from the lands of Lelyetia.

Curiously enough, it only seems to appear on the topside of the dimension

Like all other pixons, when siphoned with a stone or diamond bowl, they drop a condensed formation of their energy in form of glaring infusion stones."

闪烁的光 "A bright pixon that seems to draw its energy from Runandor.

Like all other pixons, when siphoned with a stone or diamond bowl, they drop a condensed formation of their energy in form of gleaming infusion stones."

闪耀的光 "Glistening pixons are the most well known pixons as they primarily appear in the overworld.

Initial studies on this pixon led to the breakthrough discovery of Kronic energy and the art of infusion.

Like all other pixons, when siphoned with a stone or diamond bowl, they drop a condensed formation of their energy in form of glistening infusion stones."

灼热的光 "A vibrant red pixon that supposedly draws its powers from the L'Borean.

In an occurrence that scientists still have no answer for; Glowing Pixons' colour contrasts the environment from which it draws its energy.

Like all other pixons, when siphoned with a stone or diamond bowl, they drop a condensed formation of their energy in form of glowing infusion stones."

飞蛾 "Surprisingly lightweight creatures, Goalbies are actually a species from the Haven dimension. They originally came to the overworld during the last great dimension clash, in which several species from a number of dimensions were leaked across their borders.

Their large wing-like appendages exude tiny spores that are easily dislodged. When they come in contact, these spores cause temporary muscle weakness and fatigue to most living species.

Like most Haven creatures, Goalbies are aggressive, and will attempt to attack even when unprovoked."

哥布林 "Goblins are generally considered a pest by most landowners and explorers, and are generally mostly well known for their destructive, provocative tendencies.

While technically a humanoid, Goblins are entirely unrelated to the human species, and evolved separately. Regardless of this, they have evolved some sort of primitive intellect, and are able to communicate with each other. They are also able to interact with a basic form of magic, which they primarily use to shoot high-energy projectiles at whomever or whatever they see fit.

They aren't considered aggressive, however their constant pestering and tendency to fire projectiles at nearby creatures has caused them to be treated as if they are aggressive. Deal with them with caution, as goblins like to work together, and can easily overwhelm if in groups."

黄金乐透兑换人 "The Iromine extension of the lottoman group. Iro Pillars offer them protection and a sizeable landmark to shelter under, and as such they can usually be found there.

Unless you have something you want to buy, the Golden Lottoman is not usually interested in talking."

戈布市民 "Gorb Citizens are the friendly denizens of Mysterium. They try to stay out of the way of adventurers and local wildlife, and will occasionally offer advice to passing travellers."
咕噜 "Technically a member of the imp family, Grunts are short little pests that are known for taking great joy in causing general pain in anything it sees fit. Despite its small size, Grunts can move extremely quickly in short bursts, which it uses to its advantage as a way of quickly approaching potential victims.

While not necessarily aggressive, Grunts are considered hostile due to their persistently mischievous behaviour. Take this into consideration when travelling through the hills they tend to be found in, as their quick sprints can easily catch their targets off-guard."

巫师 "Once a peaceful creature, the Hag grew so tired of humans prodding and poking at it, and pulling at its moss-like hair that it now reacts hostilely to any human it sees.

At some point it learnt from Goblins how to harness the magical energies required to produce high-energy projectiles, which it now uses to fire at human targets."

鬼魅乐透兑换人 "A lottoman located within Greckon. They can be found hiding on haunted lotto rocks, so named because nothing else seems remotely interested in the structures.

Like all of the other lottomen, the Haunted Lottoman isn't interested in talking unless you want to buy something from him."

休眠真菌人 "These short blue mushroom creatures are actually Living Fungi while hibernating.

Attacking one will cause it to wake up and attack in self-defense."

山丘袭击者 "The Hill Charger is another variant of the charger family of birds. Primarily residing in hot, dry, hilly areas, the hill charger can generally be distinguished from normal chargers by their sunburnt skin and hair.

Like most other chargers, they will attack unprovoked at high speed, utilising their sharp beak to inflict damage."

德龙 "A large, bulky, cattle-like creature, Horndrons are not creatures you'd like to run into in an alley. Their primal instincts cause them to charge at unfamiliar creatures, with the intent of either impaling the target on their horns, or using them to toss the target over their head.

If encountered, it is recommended to take cover behind solid objects and run as far as possible so that it stops chasing you. "

弓背人 "Hunches are very strange beings. They were originally cold-water amphibious creatures, but at some point developed the ability to walk on land in a bipedal fashion. This stance causes their shoulders to rise up towards their head, hence the 'hunch' name.

Hunches will attack approaching creatures as they see them as a threat to their very limited available food sources."

注魔大师 "A master of Infusion, this friendly trader roams around Greckon looking to sell special Infusion armour to entities he believes is worthy.

Besides offering trades, he doesn't seem to like to converse much, and not much more is currently known about his origins."

巨型袭击者 "The result of a failed experiment of Pluton, in an attempt to create a Charger of his own. King chargers are much like normal chargers, with the exception that they're significantly larger, wear a crown, and have been blessed by Pluton.

Avoid these at all costs, as their increased stamina, strength, and speed is enough to challenge any unprepared adventurer.

Their natural Charger instincts are present, and they will attack in much the same way normal charges will, however their added strength is enough to temporarily weaken anything it manages to land a successful blow on."

赫尔维蒂银行家 "The Lelyetian member of the consortium of bankers. This one hides out in Lelyetian towers within Lelyetia. His high vantage point within the tower gives him a good view of the surrounding lands.

Like all other bankers, he offers free currency conversion services."

赫尔维蒂乐透兑换人 "The Lelyetian member of the lottoman group. This one hides away in the lelyetian towers, using their thick walls to stay safe from the outside world.

They have no interest in anything except selling their goods."

真菌人 "These stalk-like mushroom creatures can be found roaming around most coniferous environments, as they enjoy the cool, damp climates.

Living Fungi spend most of their time in a form of hibernation. They do this to preserve energy and to draw nutrition from the ground below them. When in hibernation, they sink their feet slightly into the ground and compress their body into their blue head-covering.

Their body is extremely toxic, with a very thin spore covering layered over their body. These spores are toxic and will cause the victim to fall very ill if they come into skin contact. Their limbs are also non-critical to their survival, and regenerate quickly. Because of this, projectiles may not be very effective against them.

When awoken, they're usually fairly annoyed by being brought out of their hibernation, and will likely chase anything nearby in anger.

Their highly toxic spores and powerful regenerative properties combine to make a very dangerous enemy, and only highly trained combatants will have any chance in taking on one of these fungi. "

乐透兑换人 "A strange wandering trader found roaming the overworld. Curiously, he seems entirely uninterested in talking, lending a hand, or combat. Instead, he focuses exclusively on peddling his wares to passers by.

The overworld lottoman was the first of a large group of 'lottomen' that suddenly appeared across all known dimensions. Not much is known about them or where they came from, and due to their lack of open discussion, not much more info is being discovered. They appear to be human, or at the very least; humanoid. However the members of the group that appear in other dimensions attempt to try to blend in with their environment by unknown means.

Their short, blunt responses and thick mysterious circumstances lend a sinister vibe to their appearance, but so far nothing has come of their existence except for an increase in gambling."

月球乐透兑换人 "A lottoman from Lunalus. Strangely, despite all other lottomen preferring to isolate themselves in remote locations; lunar lottomen reside in lunar villages with the Zal. They don't appear to interact in any way however, and the Zal appear almost unwilling to even broach the topic.

Like all lottomen, the lunar lottoman is only interested in the topic of trade."

魔力克 "Another escaped creature of the Haven, Magickes are magically-inclined beings that have no issues wielding powerful magic to their offensive advantage.

Magickes are aggressive, and will attack without provocation. They rely heavily on their magic prowess, and will cast dangerous explosive beams at their target relentlessly."

多脚蠕虫 "The mortal enemy of anyone with a fear of more than 6 legs on one creature. Muckopedes are generally only found in dry areas where they can use their natural colouring to blend into the ground.

Where possible, they enjoy bathing in mud, though this doesn't seem to offer any functional benefits to the creature.

Muckopedes are easily spooked and will attack out of fright if approached. Their bite applies a minor nerve agent that can cause drowsiness and mild weakness for a short time."

秘境乐透兑换人 "A lottoman found within Mysterium. Found hiding away in mystic lotto shrooms, they are generally only interested in discussion if it involves a trade. Otherwise, they do not interact or chat."
自然 "Naturas are creatures of unknown origin, but it is often suspected they are otherworldly. Usually only found in coniferous areas, they like to use their natural colouring to blend into the flora.

They also have a strong natural draining effect when they come into contact with another living creature. Being affected by this may interfere with operation of blasters and other energy-sourcing weapons.

Being a general nuisance is apparently the only reason they exist, as they are not known to eat, drink, or perform any other primal activities. They will attack without provocation, and it is suspected that their sustenance is fueled by draining energy from their targets."

魔蝎 "Pinchers are extremely well evolved crustaceans that reside solely within the oceans of the overworld. Equally fearless and ruthless, they trawl the ocean floors searching for other smaller creatures to eat.

Like all crustaceans, they have a hard outer shell, but this creature is special in just how tough their outer shell is. Few ranged projectiles can penetrate its protective layer, and those that can must be fired at very high speeds.

Their claws also offer them powerful offensive abilities. When snapping their claws underwater, a small cavitation bubble forms due to the high speed at which they move. This bubble can briefly stun or slow targets, and in some cases may even cause them to be launched far away.

Their fearless nature will often cause Pinchers to approach and attack nearby creatures for no reason at all, and in almost every case they will come out victorious. Unless the attacker is extremely experienced in a fight, there's not much chance of survival in a fight against a Pincher."

极地熊 "A polar member of the Ursa family, these creatures differ surprisingly little from their woodland cousins. Often these are spotted from afar due to their eyes; while they contain the same retinal profile as Black Ursas, their bright white coat accentuates their bright red colouring.

While they are omnivores like all Ursas, due to the environmental challenges of providing flora in snowy areas, Polar Ursa diets comprise of a lot more meat than plants.

Similar to their relatives, they will chase stray creatures and people down for food, as they are rarely satiated."

传说乐透兑换人 "A lottoman found in jungle lotto huts in Precasia. He sells similar wares to all other lottomen, and will not talk about any topic besides trading."
原始银行家 "The Dustopian member of the consortium of bankers. Primordial Bankers maintain their presence in Dustopian Villages, keeping tabs on the Dustopian council and other activities within Dustopia.

Like all other bankers, he offers free currency conversion services."

原始导游 "The Primordial Guide is a friendly humanoid creature that stays in Dustopian villages offering help and advice to passing travellers.

Not long ago, when yet another religious group had gone into the Dustopian plains and disappeared forever, the Dustopian council decided that more publicly available information was needed to ensure that travellers would return safely. To this effect, they set up the primordial guide program. The program allowed any dustopian citizen to sit through a course and become a registered guide."

照耀的光 "Appropriately black and lustreless, the Radiant Pixon wanders around Dustopia aimlessly.

Their dark colour can make them hard to spot, even at close-range.

Like all other pixons, when siphoned with a stone or diamond bowl, they drop a condensed formation of their energy in form of radiant infusion stones."

冲击兽 "Rammerheads are a very large, bulky quadruped with a very noticeable cephalofoil head.

Despite its similarity in head shape to the hammerhead shark, it is actually entirely unrelated. Their head was evolved as a predatory advantage, allowing the creature to maintain a wider angle of view.

As they are natural predators, it is very common to find them charging at prey at high speeds. They then use their head to impact their target with high force, causing a lot of damage.

Due to their very thick hide, only experienced hunters will understand how to pierce into their creature and deal sufficient damage to put it down."

岩石乐透兑换人 "Deep lotto shelters house these Deeplands lottomen. Not much is known about them besides their incessant trading tactics"
魔力大师 "A master of Expedition, this friendly trader roams around the Shyrelands looking to sell special Expedition armour to entities he believes is worthy.

Besides offering trades, he doesn't seem to like to converse much, and not much more is currently known about his origins."

符境乐透兑换人 "A member of the mysterious lottoman group, residing within Runandor. Runic towers house these members all over Runandor, protecting them with thick stone walls.

As usual for lottomen, he is completely unwilling to do or talk about anything except trading."

沙漠傀儡 "A lost autonomous robotic creature from ancient times, Sand Golems are most often found in desert areas, wandering around aimlessly.

Long ago, civilised tribes living in the desert discovered how to create animated robotic guards for their sand villages. Powered by the heat of the sun, they require no input and have one aim: guard.

Approaching one is not recommended, as their guarding motives are unchanged after hundreds of years and they will see you as an immediate threat."

野人 "Slow, brutish, and unintelligent, Sasquatches are a commonly seen creature that roams throughout plains and woodlands. Their lack of intelligence is effortlessly countered by their high physical strength, and taking one on physically may prove a challenge.

They have trouble recognising friend from foe, and have been known to attack humans because of this. Be aware of their presence and avoid if possible."

海之袭击者 "The seabird variant of the Charger species, this creature is often found on beaches or in rivers. Despite their aquatic appearance, sea chargers never developed the physical appendages for moving through water.

Due to this, they are still much more proficient in moving across land than through water, but they have no issues about doing either.

They will flock towards potential threats in full aggression, utilising their sharp beak and high speeds to quickly overwhelm "

闪亮的光 "An orange coloured pixon that roams the Abyssal wastelands exclusively.

Like all other pixons, when siphoned with a stone or diamond bowl, they drop a condensed formation of their energy in form of shining infusion stones."

塞尔瑞乐透兑换人 "The Shyrelands member of the lottoman group, he takes cover in certain Shyrelands structures, using the world's natural thick walls to protect him from nearby dangers.

Approach if interested in trade, but otherwise he is not interested in discussion."

塞尔瑞银行家 "The Shyrelands member of the consortium of bankers. Shyre Bankers appear at Shyre Banks in Shyrelands, retaining their position as head of the consortium.

Like all other bankers, he offers free currency conversion services."

粉碎 "A large brutish troll that once roamed the Overworld. Smash died off of natural causes many years ago. Recently however, a method has been discovered to bring back Smash in all his former glory, by artificially recreating a totem which embodies his spirit.

No-one is really sure how this works, and studies are ongoing to and discover the reasoning behind this miraculous occurrence, but to date no leads have been found.

Due to his very large size and strong muscles, Smash poses a very dangerous threat to any creature it targets. He carries a large club with him that he uses as a blunt-force weapon to great effectiveness. His high strength and weapon of choice make a formidable opponent, and blows from Smash often result in hilarious situations such as being thrown dozens of meters to your death."

未知乐透兑换人 "The Toxic Lottoman can be found within the Vox Ponds. He seems to have adopted the same hiding strategy that the storekeepers use, as they are usually found hiding within vox crates inside destroyed storefronts.

Unlike the storekeepers however, the Toxic Lottoman is not interested in discussion or banter, and is singularly interested in selling his wares."

闪耀乐透兑换人 "A member of the lottoman group, located in the Haven. Hiding within floating lotto fountains, they are useful for a quick trade for specific items. Besides that they are not willing to do or talk about anything."
凋灵乐透兑换人 "The Nether member of the lottomen group, withering lottomen are the only lottomen besides the overworld members they do not reside in some sort of structure. The distinctions end there however, as they are just as unwilling to discussion anything except trade as any other lottoman."
扎尔儿童 "Young Zal children can be found wandering around the isolated villages of the Zal. They can often be found taunting or teasing nearby creatures and travellers, and being a general nuisance."
扎尔市民 "Adult Zal can often be found carrying out their daily lives in remote Zal villages. They are fairly unremarkable as a species, besides their single eye being near foot-level."