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Worn Book
Worn Book
Rarity color Common
Stackable No
Version added Tslat 1.1
ID aoa3:worn_book

The Worn Book is an item that provides information as to how to construct the Ancient Teleporter.

Obtaining[ | ]

Trading[ | ]

The Worn Book can be obtained from the corrupted traveller. The player can give any food items for the worn book.

Usage[ | ]

The player can open the worn book to read it by pressing use while holding it. Opening the book also puts a Blank Realmstone into the player's inventory if they do not already have one.

Text[ | ]

They're everywhere! T-The faces, why so many eyes?

Four carved runes: One of Reality. One of Travel. One of Space. One of Direction.

Build a frame from the blackened stone, six blocks high. Include the carved runes. At the center in the base of the frame, insert a carved rune of power. This is the focus. This takes the keys. 13 of the blackened stone, 5 carved runes.

What I have opened cannot be closed. I have spread the first four runes in dungeons and temples everywhere, to stop anyone from re-releasing the horrors within.

I will smash this one to pieces, so that it may never be used again. The fifth key rune must be hand-crafted from a combination of unpowered runes and an ender eye, imbued into a central blackened stone. Something like this:

    U E U
    U S U
    U U U

May Krasaun bless you, for your soul will never be the same again.