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World tables are loot tables connected to Dimensions.

Overview[ | ]

If a dimension has a world table, all non-passive mobs in that dimension killed by the player can drop items from the world table in addition to their normal drops. This includes vanilla mobs and mobs added by other mods. The dimension in which a mob is killed is the only one used to determine which world table it can drop from.

Mobs internally labelled neutral (Iron Golem, Polar Bear, etc.) can drop from world tables if they were aggroed onto the player or another mob.

Mobs spawned from spawners cannot drop from world tables. This includes mobs spawned from killing Spawner mobs like small Slimes and Magma cubes.

All world tables connect to the Rare Table.

List of world tables[ | ]

Below is a list of all world tables added by the mod.