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Weapon Parts
Weapon Parts
Rarity color Common
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 2.0
ID aoa3:weapon_parts

The Weapon Parts is an item used to upgrade weapons to Tier 4, obtained by trading with a Gorb Arms Dealer.

Obtaining[ | ]

Trading[ | ]

Obtained from Level Price Price multiplier Item Stock Profession XP
Gorb Arms Dealer 3 (Journeyman) Gold Coin 10 Gold Coins 0.05 Weapon Parts 1 Weapon Parts 1 100

Usage[ | ]

The Weapon Parts is used to upgrade weapons at a Divine Station. The weapon it is being combined with has to have full durability in order to be upgraded with the upgrade kit.

Block Ingredients Item
Divine Station Divine Station Stampede Stampede + Weapon Parts Weapon Parts Roulette Roulette
Divine Station Divine Station Minigun Minigun + Weapon Parts Weapon Parts Megagun Megagun
Divine Station Divine Station KA-500 KA-500 + Weapon Parts Weapon Parts Mark Maker Mark Maker
Divine Station Divine Station Discharge Rifle Discharge Rifle + Weapon Parts Weapon Parts Discharge Sniper Discharge Sniper
Divine Station Divine Station Blast Cannon Blast Cannon + Weapon Parts Weapon Parts Bomb Launcher Bomb Launcher
Divine Station Divine Station Stormer Stormer + Weapon Parts Weapon Parts Artifact Artifact