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Green Waterweeds
Hardness 0
Blast resistance 0
Rarity color Common
Version added 1.1

Waterweeds are plants found in L'Borean.

Obtaining[ | ]

Red Waterweeds will drop themselves when mined with Silk Touch. If mined without it, they will drop Floracle Seeds instead. Shears do not work on Red Waterweeds.

The other variants will drop themselves when mined with shears or Silk Touch.

Variants[ | ]

Waterweeds have four variants. Red Waterweeds are far more rare than the other three.

Block ID
Green Waterweeds Green Waterweeds aoa3:green_waterweeds
Red Waterweeds Red Waterweeds aoa3:red_waterweeds
Yellow Waterweeds Yellow Waterweeds aoa3:yellow_waterweeds
White Waterweeds White Waterweeds aoa3:white_waterweeds