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Vox Ponds Realmstone
Vox Ponds Realmstone
Rarity color Common
Stackable No
Version added 2.0
ID aoa3:vox_ponds_realmstone

The Vox Ponds Realmstone is an item that is used to access the Vox Ponds dimension.

Obtaining[ | ]

Mob interaction[ | ]

While in Creeponia, using a Blank Realmstone on a Creep Banker, Creeponia Lottoman, or Explosives Expert while wearing a full set of Hazmat Armor will convert it into a Vox Ponds Realmstone. Doing this successfully will also trigger special dialogue from the NPC the Blank Realmstone was used on.

Usage[ | ]

Portal[ | ]

Using a Vox Ponds Realmstone on a Carved Rune of Power at a Portal will create a portal to the Vox Ponds within the frame.

Quotes[ | ]

  • "I've heard legends of these things. Here, I'll give you this for it."
  • "Take this, I have a strange urge to give it to you.."
  • "Woah, as soon as you came to me this weird stone appeared in my pocket. Do you know what it is?"