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An alpha for 3.6 has been released. Download it here.


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The following is a list of things that are available for the community to assist with in the development of AoA. None of the below are required by anyone at any time, and not completing one of these will not cause it to not be included in the mod. I will in time complete tasks on this list that have not already been completed.

This list is purely for those who really want something to do.

The List[]

  • THE WIKI. Updating this wiki and helping the current editors catch up with the mod's many changes is absolutely the #1 priority.

The Other List[]


If you want to take on any of the below items, contact me in Discord for info and instructions on how to do so. I do not guarantee any specific recognition for completing any of these, so don't take on these tasks with the expectation of getting your name put in/on the mod. These are personal favors to me only, nothing more. With that said, if I believe someone has in good nature contributed enough to the development of the mod, I may include you in the credits of the mod.

NOTE: This list may change at any time.

  • Compiling a list of bestiary entries that are now outdated or incorrect with recent updates.
  • Assisting writing guide and/or instruction entries for Patchouli integration.
  • Miscellaneous monotonous code-filling tasks. This can vary at any time, and there may or may not be available tasks. These can change rapidly and at any time. Ask to confirm:
    • Define MaterialColors for each of the blocks in the mod for 1.16