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Ursun[1] is the texture artist for the Advent of Ascension mod.[2]


On 7 July 2018, Scimiguy held an application process to select a new texture artist to assist with the texture creating for the mod.[3] Ursun was choosen out of the applicants.

According to Scimiguy, Ursun came up with the idea for the different themes in the Advent GUI.[4]

Ursun has also helped translate the mod into russian.[5]


Immediately upon starting his role as texture artist for Advent of Ascension, Ursun put his focus towards cleaning up all the textures that appeared to too closely resemble works from other places. In total, this effort alone replaced over 130 textures in 3.0 and higher.

From there, he worked with Tslat in developing the textures for new content and features, with things such as: