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Tslat 1.1.3
Release date 6 July 2018
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Previous version Tslat 1.1.2
Next version 3.0

Tslat 1.1.3 is an update released on 6 July 2018. It was released mainly to fix some bugs.


  • Added planks for domigous wood, eucadon wood, melumia wood, and opollo wood.
    • Currently cannot be crafted.
  • New Item: Old Boot
  • New Weapon: Shoe Flinger
  • Added in russian language files.
  • Added in chinese-simplified language files.



  • Renamed petal pile to simply petals.
  • Changed description of explosive bow to be slightly more clear.
  • Changed rosite shovel colour to be more in line with other rosite tools.
  • Changed rosite axe colour to be more in line with other rosite tools.
  • Changed color of amethind boots to be more like of the other armor pieces.
  • Re-ordered luxon stickler descriptions.
  • Removed incorrect knockback description from amplifier.
  • Changed the full set bonus of ice armor to briefly freezing attackers depending on the damage.
  • Nerfed sunshine bow slightly.
  • Allowed diamond bowls to work on extraction.
  • Bowls now take damage from extraction.
  • Re-balanced rune loot count from hauling.
  • Re-balanced anima stone drop rates.


  • Changed precasia grass material to rock.
  • Changed creative tab of illusion altar.
  • Changed creative tab of shadow altar.
  • Changed creative tab of guardian altar.
  • Changed creative tab of rockrider shrine.
  • Changed deeplands lava trap to only spawn 1 lava block.
  • Changed shyre mining trap to only spawn 1 lava block.
  • Changed marshmallow block material to cloth.
  • Changed name of purple rock candy.
  • Gave crops some more distinct growth textures.
  • Reduced hardness of bricks.
  • Changed the death message from slug acid.
  • Removed ancient rock from ore dictionary.
  • Exiting through a greckon or runandor portal takes the player to the overworld.


  • Increased cost of soul agent trade. It now costs 25 copper coins for 2 fragmented anima stones.
  • Bane clones should be cleaned up after his death.
  • Gave dracyon some flappy movement.
  • Slightly increased rainicorn spawn rate.
  • Gave hive workers sounds.
  • Gave mermage some sounds.
  • Allowed two more nethengeic wither heads to turn.
  • Made the nethengeic wither a bit more appropriate in size.
  • Nethengeic Wither's projectiles now inflict Wither II for 3 seconds upon hitting a target.
  • Reduced hitbox of wither wizard to correct size.
  • Reduced hitbox of rockbiter to correct size.
  • Increased hitbox of dweller and its clones to correct size.

World gen[]

  • Cleared an extra layer of stone above the ancient teleporter frame.
  • Cacti now generate in precasian desert biomes.


  • Changed failure calculation on extraction from a flat 33% to a scaling amount based on level.
  • Foraging changes:
    • Lunaver coins are no longer obtainable from foraging.
    • Gold coins now require level 90 foraging.
    • Small skill crystals are now obtainable from level 70 foraging.
    • The amount of tribute the player is given per drop decreases as the player levels up.
  • Logging changes:


  • Fixed typo in spearmint slug name.
  • Fixed domiguous wood missing name.
  • Fixed eucadon wood missing name.
  • Fixed missing messages in immortallis.
  • Fixed mis-capitalisation on l'borean gems.
  • Fixed wither cannon consuming grenades.
  • Fixed bulb cannon consuming grenades.
  • Fixed flame wrecker not saving bullets 33% of the time.
  • Fixed chain wrecker not saving bullets 33% of the time.
  • Fixed candlefire sword effect kills not dropping items.
  • Fixed screamer bow lightning effects being invisible.
  • Hopefully fixed bows sometimes requiring normal arrows to fire.
  • Fixed another crash with knight's armor.
  • Fixed elemental arrows not working on the end dragon or crystals.
  • Fixed firefly staff being able to fire directly down or up.
  • Fixed staves being able to be fired as fast as the user could click.
  • Fixed beamer potentially killing its holder.
  • Fixed rosidons putting players on the roof of crystevia.
  • Fixed shyre staff being held like a greatblade.
  • Fixed ultimatum staff being held like a greatblade.
  • Fixed sky staff being held like a greatblade.
  • Fixed lightshine staff being held like a greatblade.
  • Fixed extraction device giving 16/32 rosite ingots instead of 1/2.
  • Fixed entire extraction reward table being 5 levels off, and not giving xp+fail drop.
  • Fixed shyre rock not working for foraging.
  • Fixed fishix's head being broken.
  • Fixed eeo missing living sound.
  • Fixed eeo running missing living sound.
  • Moved dicer model down so it's not floating.
  • Fixed flash still teleporting incorrectly on hit.
  • Gave the corrupted traveller some passive limb movement.
  • Reduced the almighty arcworm's hitbox to the correct size. All hail arcworm.
  • Moved omnilight's model down to the ground & fixed its hitbox size.
  • Reduced arcbeast hitbox to correct size.
  • Fixed arcworm using wrong death sound.
  • Reduced mermage hitbox to correct size.
  • Increased hive soldier hitbox.
  • Fixed rune templars causing crashes in runandor.
  • Fixed corallus teeth coming loose.
  • Made fischers a bit rarer.
  • Fixed arkzyne's head being misplaced.
  • Removed broken Hermetism master dialogue.
  • Fixed soulscornes not playing nice with graves.
  • Fixed paravite's knock-off attack not working.
  • Tried some more fixes for look-vector based mobs.
  • Removed bow and gun immunity identifiers from arocknids.
  • Reduced shyre troll hitbox to correct size.
  • Fixed shyre troll ears.
  • Reduced hitbox for nightwatcher to correct size.
  • Reduced hitbox for night reaper to correct size.
  • Fixed modulo firing at players through walls.
  • Reduced seeker's hitbox to correct size.
  • Reduced visular hitbox to correct size.
  • Increased visualent hitbox.
  • Reduced demon reaper hitbox to correct size.
  • Fixed cryptids griefing blocks.
  • Hopefully fixed the pulsing night vision effect on all night vision armor items.
  • Fixed intervention not being removed from worn armor on death.
  • Fixed some more sounds.
  • Fixed ancient cactus not spawning in precasian deserts.
  • Fixed stray red pixels on token collector gui.
  • Fixed gaining expedition xp and boosts while riding boat/carts/mobs.
  • Replaced keepallinventory noticeboard tip.
  • Fixed misplaced inmate x spawner in lunalus prisons.
  • Fixed not getting any xp from double log drops from logging.
  • Fixed translation not quite working for sent messages.