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Tslat 1.1.1
Release date 27 May 2018
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Previous version Tslat 1.1
Next version Tslat 1.1.2

Tslat 1.1.1 is an update released on 27 May 2018 to fix bugs from 1.1 and previous versions.

This page is a W.I.P.


  • Added a visible projectile to soul spark
  • Allowed guns to damage hunter mobs in creative
  • Added a death and hit sound to clowns
  • Changed Portal Ghost's name to Corrupted Traveller
  • Added more food trades to the Corrupted Traveller
  • Increased Corrupted Traveller's health
  • Ruined portal frame now has a 1/10 chance for each carved rune to still be in place in the structure
  • Doubled potential loot for carved runes in loot chests
  • Creative mode players can now hold tools and armor they may not have the levels for
  • Changed lunar plants to give invisibility instead of night vision (due to black screen bug)
  • Increased explosion resistance of all dimension stones
  • Changed description of ultimatum staff to be more specific
  • Changed alacrity armor recipe back to crystallite stones
  • Moved bayonetteSR to snipers tab
  • Re-wrote block placement and breaking for all plants
  • Disabled rain in Crystevia and Barathos
  • Removed runandor portal blueprint
  • Reduced spamming of chainsaw sound to something more tolerable
  • Converted a bunch of additional sounds to mono
  • Re-instated fixed trades for now
  • Made ancient portal generation rarer
  • Reverted randomised delays on boss music due to community demand
  • Changed iromine portal from gold blocks to iro bricks


  • Fixed shyrelands realmstone not working on the portal frame
  • Fixed precasian sand making the wrong sounds
  • Fixed Lelyetian Grass Down choosing the wrong block to monitor
  • Fixed Bubble Leaves being unbreakable
  • Fixed Rune Shrines giving Storm runes instead of Compass runes
  • Fixed name for Abyssal Glass
  • Fixed mechbot altar not existing
  • Fixed emberium affecting creative players
  • Fixed missing names for some blocks:
    • Eucadon leaves
    • Melumia leaves
    • Domiguous leaves
    • Eucadon wood
    • Domiguous wood
    • Melumia wood
    • Mellians
    • Pertonias
    • Marsh tube
    • Precasian sand
  • Fixed worn book not being readable if obtained outside of the portal ghost
  • Fixed ancient ring being in the wrong tab
  • Fixed missing colouring on apoco shower
  • Fixed moonlight staff affecting creative players
  • Fixed meteor staff affecting creative players
  • Fixed tangle staff affecting creative players
  • Fixed nightmare staff affecting creative players
  • Fixed moon destroyer explosions not counting as player kills
  • Fixed ancient discharger explosions not counting as player kills
  • Fixed bow explosions not counting as player kills
  • Fixed missing/incorrect descriptions for several items:
    • Wizard staff
    • Concussion staff
    • Haven shrooms
    • Lightshine
    • Baron greatblade
    • Ancient bomber
    • Ancient discharger
    • Baron SSR
    • Balloon bomber
    • Candy blade
    • Floro500
    • Hauling armor
    • Infusion armor
    • Tnnervation armor
    • Hunter armor
    • Creation armor
    • Heat wave
    • Amplifier
  • Fixed soul drainer not rendering when held properly
  • Fixed iro miner not being affected by enchants
  • Fixed sky staff not working
  • Fixed knight armor not giving a buff
  • Fixed knight's guard not giving a buff
  • Fixed shyre sword not doing anything
  • Fixed hell fire making the wrong sounds
  • Fixed pickmax not working
  • Fixed pickmax breaking unbreakable blocks
  • Fixed worn book crashing in multiplayer
  • Fixed knight armor giving buffs on attack rather than defend
  • Fixed greatblades being defeated by some grass
  • Fixed knight's guard doing nothing
  • Fixed wizard's staff working on wither and ender dragon
  • Fixed ultimatum staff working on wither and ender dragon
  • Fixed light spark working on wither and ender dragon
  • Fixed soul spark working on wither and ender dragon
  • Fixed tangle staff deafening players
  • Fixed ornamyte and goofy pickaxes duplicating blocks
  • Fixed portal blueprint not working sometimes
  • Fixed crash from greatblades
  • Fixed tangle staff not affecting entities
  • Fixed incorrect speed description on aqua magnum
  • Fixed Corrupted Traveller despawning
  • Fixed craexxeus harming itself with its bombs
  • Fixed goblin losing its right ear when turning its head
  • Fixed sphinx model losing its ears slightly when turning its head
  • Allowed portal ghost to turn its head
  • Fixed missing name for Craexxeus
  • Fixed missing name for Xxeus
  • Fixed Shyre Banker and Shyre Archer resetting your inventory and not doing anything else
  • Fixed dust strider being crippled
  • Fixed amphibiyte death sound being quiet
  • Fixed missing name for omnilight
  • Fixed lelyetian caster head not moving
  • Stopped omnilights shooting at creative players
  • Fixed the death sound for all shyre mobs
  • Fixed click in bomb carrier living sound
  • Cold fix: xxeus now drops its statues
  • Fixed nethengeic wither projectiles coming from above its head
  • Fixed walker breaking in multiplayer
  • Fixed walker enflaming players in water
  • Fixed hitbox sizes for several mobs:
    • Voxxulon
    • Nethengeic wither
    • Basilisk
    • Duston
    • Stalker
    • Lost soul
    • Dusteiva
    • Devourer
    • Stalker prime
    • Coniferon
  • Fixed gorb engineer using the wrong gui
  • Fixed penumbra dropping into the void on spawn
  • Fixed orbiter using the wrong death sound
  • Fixed charger using wrong death sound
  • Fixed cyclops using wrong death sound
  • Fixed ursas using wrong death sound
  • Fixed bush babies using wrong death sound
  • Gave ariel a bit of fall resistance
  • Fixed having to look above stalker's head to trigger effect
  • Removed an additional full stop that was annoying pixelator
  • Fixed random 'w' in Guardian Statue name
  • Removed excessive capitalization on teleporter frame fail messages
  • Fixed typo in golden cotton candor statue name
  • Fixed being able to use water and lava buckets in ancient cavern and immortallis
  • Fixed it raining in precasian desert
  • Fixed traders sometimes spawning with 0 trades
  • Fixed precasia getting mixed up with shyrelands
  • Fixed a lack of rain in several biomes:
    • Baron forest
    • Baron maze
    • Gardencia fungal
    • Gardencian marsh
  • Fixed shyre trap effects working on any block
  • Fixed shyreland wind gusts happening at all times
  • Added an additional check for ancient cavern bosses not spawning - this has fixed it in testing for me..
  • Fixed missing shyrelands portal sound
  • Fixed stray dark chocolate block in chocolate trees
  • Fixed tribute clearing when logging out and in
  • Fixed missing message for extraction blaze rods
  • Fixed incorrect death sound for all celeve clowns
  • Fixed infusion blueprint ignoring block protections
  • Fixed a bunch more sound problems - courtesy of Sonicwave!
  • Lowered player entry location in ancient cavern from being too high