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Tslat 1.1
Release date 26 May 2018
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Previous version Tslat 1.0.3
Next version Tslat 1.1.1

Tslat 1.1 is a major update released on 26 May 2018.



  • The Shyrelands
    • A windy-kingdom style dimension with many archways.
    • Realmstone to this dimension is dropped by Lost Souls.













New NPC: Shyrelands Lottoman

New NPC: Shyre Banker

New NPC: Shyre Archer

  • Will trade bows for shyrestone ingots and shyregem ingots.
  • New Boss: Craexxeus
    • Spawned by using an ancient ring on a craexxeus altar.
    • Has 7000 (♥×3500) health.
    • Boss fight consists of multiple phases.
    • When first phase is defeated, spawns in second phase: Xxeus.
      • Xxeus has 3000 (♥×1500) health.
  • New Boss: Tyrosaur
  • New Boss: MechBot
    • Spawned by using a bloodstone on a MechBot Altar, found in Iromine.
    • Attacks by firing a barrage of explosive projectiles. Also jumps around a lot.
    • Currently has no drops.
  • New Boss: Baroness
    • Spawned by using a bloodstone on a Baroness Altar, found in Barathos.
    • Has a multitude of attacks, including firing projectiles, summoning Baron Bombs, and putting up a shield making her invulnerable to all damage.
    • Currently has no drops.



  • Reduced hardness of carpets
  • Reduced hardness of statues.
  • Reduced campfire heal to 0.5 health per block every 3 seconds.
  • Reduced life lamp to 0.75 health per block every 3 seconds.

+ All grass blocks are now shearable.


  • Increased infusion armor heal amount to be a bit more balanced.
  • Buffed tablet of hunger.
  • Changed recipe for empty slab to shapeless, 4x stone & 1 essence of any kind.


  • Halycon Milk
    • Reduced the amount healed upon consuming.
    • Now removes potion effects upon being consumed, similar to regular milk.
    • Now gives brief nausea upon consumption.
    • Can now always be consumed, as opposed to being only consumed when the player's hunger is not full.
  • Cooked Ursa
    • Now restores hunger and saturation identical to beef.
  • Cooked Chimera Chop
    • Now restores hunger and saturation identical to chicken.
  • Furlion Chop
    • Now restores hunger and saturation identical to chicken.
  • Hot Rod
    • Now restores hunger and saturation just above that of beef.
  • Cooked Halycon Beef
    • Now restores hunger and saturation between that of beef and chicken.
    • Now grants slight nausea upon being consumed.
  • Fiery Chops
    • Now restores hunger and saturation between that of beef and chicken.
    • Now restores rage upon being consumed.
  • Lunarade
    • No longer heals upon being consumed.
    • Now grants saturation upon consumption.
    • Now grants a short jump boost effect upon consumption.
  • Tea
    • Now grants decent saturation upon consumption.
    • Now grants short regeneration and resistance buffs upon being consumed.
  • Fungal Tea
    • No longer heals health upon consumption.
    • Now has similar effects as tea, but has stronger regeneration, and weaker resistance.
  • Natural Tea
    • No longer heals health upon consumption.
    • Now has similar effects as tea, but has stronger resistance, and weaker regeneration.
  • Eye Candy
    • No longer heals health upon consumption.
    • Now restores energy upon consumption.
    • Now has reduced time to consume.
  • Floracle Sticks
    • Reduced time to consume.
    • Increased the amount of xp gained upon consumption.
  • Trilliad Leaves
    • Grants heavy Slowness, Regeneration, and Poison for 4 seconds upon being consumed.
    • Grants Blindness for 6 seconds upon being consumed.
    • Grants Jump Boost 128 for 4 seconds upon being consumed, effectively preventing the player from jumping.
  • Goldicap Petals
    • No longer removes potion effects upon consumption.
    • Now grants brief speed and jump boost buffs upon being consumed.
    • Reduced time to consume.
  • Bubble Berries
    • No longer restores hunger.
    • Now restores breathe.
    • Reduced time to consume.
    • Can now be consumed if the player's hunger bar is full.
  • Magic Marang
    • Now restores decent hunger and saturation values.
    • Increased time to consume.
    • Now grants a night vision buff upon being consumed.
  • Chili Pepper
    • No longer restores hunger.
  • Luna Globe
    • No longer restores energy.
    • No grants invisibility effect upon being consumed.
  • Mystic Shroom
    • Added description to mystic shrooms.


  • Added support for non-player mobs to wield greatblades.
  • Added support for greater levels of sever enchant to have an effect.
  • Added additional info to different items' descriptions.
  • Removed melee damage from rapid energy weapons.
  • Removed damage & description from confetti cannon and confetti cluster. Changed effect slightly.
  • Changed runic staff so that it adds the items to your inventory rather than dropping them.



  • Slowed down movement speed of all chargers, scrubby and skellox slightly to a more fair level.
  • Reduced walker's flaming distance to 5 blocks, added requirement that the player must be within eyesight to catch fire.
  • Reduced hellspot teleport distance to 15 blocks.
  • Bomb carrier TNT bombs will no longer cause block damage.
  • All trading NPCs now have randomized trades.
  • Increased general value of realm shifter's trades.
  • Fades no longer clone if 5 or more Fades are within 10 blocks.
  • Tricksters can now only duplicate if there's 5 or less clones within 10 blocks.
  • Allowed many mobs to turn their heads.
  • Shifted entire Rock Critter and Arocknid model upwards so that its legs no longer sink into the ground.
  • Shifted entire rock crawler model up so that it isn't submerged in the ground.
  • Made apparition arms unable to move.



The following biomes received name changes:

  • The Abyss -> Abyssal Void
  • Precasia -> Precasian Forest
  • Iromine -> Golden Hills
  • Deeplands -> Deeplands Cave
  • L'Borean -> Borean Ponds


  • Converted the entire mod to a localizable mod. Everything should now support translations to ones language of choice - check the .lang file.
    • This means that event texts, NPC dialogue, and item descriptions can be translated to other languages more easily.
  • Removed the keepAllInventory and keepNoInventory gamerules. Gravestones, rejoice!
  • Set proper max enchantment levels for the mod's enchantments.
  • Set proper item restrictions on the mod's enchantments.
  • Removed useless team option in config.
  • Players in creative can now place blocks in Ancient Cavern and Immortallis properly.
  • Creative mode players can now attack hunter mobs regardless of level.
  • Re-textured construct of terror and green crystal block to be green.
  • Re-textured borean portal.
  • Re-textured several blocks in creeponia to be less piercing.




  • Fixed plants floating in midair under lelyetia when broken.
  • Fixed a large number of blocks using the wrong break/place/walking sound.
  • Fixed statues not making sounds upon interaction (properly), including gold versions. Some statues do not have a sound.
  • Fixed divine station crash.
  • Fixed zero light level from steel light.
  • Fixed extraction device not deactivating when used.
  • Fixed extraction device not consuming lava and creating obsidian when finding nothing.
  • Made all portal blocks blast-proof.
  • Fixed lurchians killing players instantly if bounced on too long.
  • Fixed grass blocks being placeable where they shouldn't (including down grass).
  • Fixed abyssal grass not dropping stone.


  • Fixed return crystal working outside of immortallis.
  • Fixed taking damage flinch when in fire with nethengeic armor.
  • Fixed taking damage flinch when in fire with infernal armor.
  • Fixed taking damage flinch when in fire with extraction armor.
  • Fixed moonlight staff crashing the game.
  • Fixed infusion armor causing the screen to shake on heal.
  • Fixed phantom staff taking damage even when failing to cast.
  • Disabled usage of infusion blueprint in immortallis and ancient cavern.
  • Disabled usage of ancient teleporter frame blueprint in immortallis and ancient cavern.
  • Several staves will no longer consume runes if the cast fails.
  • Fixed crystal maul causing problems with ender dragon.
  • Fixed baron greatblade consuming grenades in creative mode.
  • Fixed candlefire sword effect kills not dropping loot.
  • Fixed commander armor making you simultaneously immortal and undead.
  • Fixed weapon explosions not counting as player-caused damage.
  • Fixed Show staff and Atlantic staff kills not counting as proper kills.
  • Fixed miasma sometimes attacking the same entity instead of penetrating.
  • Fixed Sticklers sometimes causing a crash if impacting a non-hostile mob.
  • Fixed zargonite armor knocking back enemies too much.
  • Fixed meteor staff attack slowing creative players.
  • Fixed stray white pixel on Terminator and Mineral.
  • Fixed formation staff not respecting Forge procedures for block breaking.
  • Fixed formation staff not taking damage.
  • Removed seemingly incorrect description from sunshine bow.
  • Fixed incorrect damage value on trolls archergun.
  • Fixed creepoid greatblade exploding at the player instead of the target.
  • Fixed missing projectile on boom-boom.
  • Fixed web staff not taking any damage.
  • Fixed deadlock not being affected by sharpshot armor.
  • Fixed immortal banner variants being uncraftable.


  • Fixed hitbox sizes for many mobs.
  • Fixed gnawer left toe moving wrong.
  • Fixed creeperlock not using correct death sound.
  • Fixed voxxulon affecting creative mode players.
  • Fixed flash affecting creative mode players.
  • Fixed missing charged creeper effect for creeponia mobs.
  • Prevented cave creepoid exploding from fire damage.
  • Fixed dustopia lottoman spawning inside the floor.
  • Fixed Rosid, Shadow Stalker and Hive Soldier minions attacking other rosid minions.
  • Fixed Cotton Candor attacking creative mode players.
  • Fixed Crystocore affecting creative mode players.
  • Fixed Giant Slug and Flamewalker leaving invisible blocks everywhere.
  • Fixed headless destroyer's numerous model issues.
  • Fixed skull creature's legs not moving.
  • Fixed lost soul's effect working only when staring above its head.
  • Fixed pixons being able to catch on fire.
  • Fixed missing message when spawning store keeper.
  • Fixed missing message when spawning toxic lottoman.
  • Fixed corallus breaking blocks with his shots.
  • Fixed automatons not dealing knockback to non-player mobs.
  • Allowed firestorm staff to affect cotton candor.
  • Increased base damage of lost soul to 7.
  • Increased base heal rate of lost soul to 3 per tick.
  • Stopped all idol entities from despawning in peaceful.
  • Stopped hosts taking damage when falling small distances.
  • Fixed cane bug not spawning in light.
  • Fixed gingerbread man not spawning in light.


  • Reduced volume of all Pixon ambient sounds.
  • Removed footstep sounds from all Pixons and Bloodlust.
  • Added a proper death sound for (Mother) Void Walker, Dark Beast, Amphibiyte and Compeer.
  • Shifted all boss music to the record category rather than master.
  • Fixed slight cutoff of lost soul living sound.
  • Lowered pitch on cavern5 sound, fixed slight cutoff at end.
  • Took the edge off the other 4 ancient cavern sounds.
  • Fixed broken corby sounds.
  • Changed krasaun's dawn sound to remove piercing tone.
  • Fixed Halycons and Creep Cows using pig step sounds.
  • Added impact sound to dustons.
  • Added a varying delay between boss music repeats.
  • Changed a bunch of sounds from stereo to mono (so they work with Minecraft's directional audioi system).
  • Cleaned up a bunch of sounds clipping or having clicks.


  • Swapped the names for eeo and scared eeo.
  • Fixed missing block names for havendales.
  • Fixed typo in faceless floater spawner.
  • Changed golden cotton candor statue name to be more consistent with other gold statues.
  • Changed golden creep statue name to be more consistent with other gold statues.
  • Removed number from creation2 banner names.
  • Fixed energistic axe claiming to operate on ores.
  • Fixed energistic shovel claiming to operate on ores.
  • Fixed description on ornamyte pickaxe.
  • Fixed description on goofy pickaxe.
  • Fixed unnecessary "the" in crystevia portal activation.
  • Fixed typo in immortallis room 6 requirement.
  • Fixed name of several blocks/items.
  • Fixed missing semicolon in primordial guide chat.
  • Fixed double message for player when spawning elusive.
  • Fixed inconsistent message format for lottomen.
  • Fixed missing capitalization on compass rune post.
  • Fixed typos in certain item names.
  • Fixed mistaken spelling of goldum and goldum spawners - "goldem".
  • Added missing full stops to some messages.
  • Fixed weird grammar in firestorm staff description.
  • Fixed spelling in Fish Case - "receive".
  • Fixed description in spaceking armor - "33% create..".
  • Fixed incorrect damage listing for Skeletal and Spectral archergun.
  • Fixed incorrect dimensions on ancient portal blueprint.


  • Fixed mini mushrooms spawning on water.
  • Fixed logging not giving the correct log for vanilla wood double drops.
  • Fixed crash caused by shooting atomizer into a portal then travelling through it.
  • Fixed getting spammed with pressure messages in gardencia as a creative mode player.
  • Fixed mismatching colors of gardencia, borean, dustopia, and greckon dirts versus their grasses.
  • Corrected the placement of infusion altar, it will now be centered on the player.
  • Removed a bunch of duplicate lang file keys.
  • Fixed underground overworld mobs spawning when the area is lit up.
  • Fixed ancient vines not generating in ancient cavern.
  • Removed duplicate blue crystal ore file.