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Tslat 1.0.1
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Previous version Tslat 1.0
Next version Tslat 1.0.2

Tslat 1.0.1 was an update released to fix bugs not fixed in Tslat 1.0.0.



  • Added crafting recipe for gold creep statue
  • Added some additional checks to fade to reduce infini-spawning



  • You can now silk touch glass and crystal blocks
  • Volume of level up gets quieter the higher your level, except for 100
  • Removed intended recoil effect from moonlight staff



  • Fixed ascension shrine volume being excessive
  • Fixed soul banner 2 textures being missing


  • Fixed typo in moonlight staff - "Imparing"
  • Fixed some guns not shooting through non-solid blocks
  • Fixed happy haunter damaging creative mode players
  • Fixed Mecha Staff damaging creative mode players
  • Fixed scythes consuming energy in creative mode
  • Fixed haunted bow damaging creative mode players
  • Fixed clownimator not having a scope
  • Fixed hive cracker not having a scope
  • Fixed wizard staff working on bosses and their holders
  • Fixed moonlight staff projectile spawning under the player
  • Fixed moonlight staff harming the caster
  • Fixed moonlight staff not having a slowing effect
  • Fixed gravity blaster consuming energy for creative players
  • Fixed crashes when shooting some guns
  • Fixed zargonite armor dealing far too much damage
  • Fixed some enchantments not working on the mk-fung
  • Fixed miscalculation on archmage, will consume correct amount of runes now
  • Fixed some energy weapons having attack modifiers
  • Fixed daybreaker bow allowing duplication of arrows
  • Fixed nightmare bow allowing duplication of arrows
  • Fixed candy blade bypassing armor in recoil


  • Fixed Dicer slowing players in creative mode
  • Fixed Explodot blowing up on creative players


  • Fixed expedition only giving xp for sprint jumping
    • Reduced expedition xp rate to compensate for massively increased xp earning potential
  • Fixed player skills sometimes starting up as 0 - will keep a closer eye on this one


  • Fixed typo "Intervnetion" in config.
  • Fixed typo "Calefaction" in config.
  • Fixed sound volume of foraging and logging drops being excessive.
  • Fixed lightning bolts created by the mod being invisible.