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Nationality Australian

Tslat (also known as Scimiguy) is the current developer of Advent of Ascension. He officially took over development of the mod in May 2018 after Xolova gave him the source code.[1]


Tslat began rewriting the mod in early April 2018, and released an unofficial update, Tslat 1.0, on 21 April. After hearing about what Tslat was doing, Xolova gave him permission to continue the mod in May[2], as well as unused assets and code. Tslat has updated the game to 1.16 and is currently working on adding other content into the mod, a full list of planned content can be found here.

General information[]

General information about Tslat:[3]

  • His favorite staff is the Ultimatum Staff.[4]
  • His favorite boss is Baroness.
  • His favorite mob is Arcworm.[5]
  • His favorite bow is the Screamer Bow.[6]
  • His biggest challenge with updating the mod so far has been rewriting core concepts (especially guns) for 1.12.
  • He began updating the mod since he got tired of the bugs and lack of development, and was originally just going to use it for himself and friends before deciding to release it publicly.
  • His favorite aspect of the mod is the diversity of things that can be done.
  • His least favorite aspect of the mod is how some skills/dimensions/mobs only have a single purpose.
  • The most unbalanced thing in his opinion is the foraging skill.


These are Tslat's official accounts:


  • If Tslat were to join the player's game, the message "The divines approach..." would be displayed in the chat.
    • This message is one of the few messages in the game that cannot be changed by editing it with a .lang file.
  • Tslat wrote his user page in simplified Chinese on Chinese wiki.[9]