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Hardness 10
Blast resistance 2000
Transparent Semi
Luminance None
Flammable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Any
Rarity color Normal: Common
Gold: Rare
Ornate: Epic
Drops Itself
ID aoa3:trophy
Version added 3.4

Trophies are pedestal-like blocks that can display the model of a mob. They come in three variants: Trophy, Gold Trophy and Ornate Trophy.

Obtaining[ | ]

Trophies can be harvested without tools. When the player mines a trophy that is displaying the mob, the trophy block saves the mob it was displaying, and the mob's name is added to the trophy's name.

Trophies that display bosses are the only trophies obtainable in survival mode. Trophies that aren't displaying anything can be obtained in creative mode.

Trophy[ | ]

Trophies that display bosses can be obtained as a drop from all bosses in the mod. Each of the Four Guardians drops a trophy of themselves, while each member of the Primordial Five and the Immortals can drop trophies of themselves. Craexxeus and Xxeus each drop their own trophies as well.

The player cannot obtain a trophy that displays any other non-boss mob in survival mode.

Gold Trophy[ | ]

Block Ingredients Recipe Notes
Gold Trophy 9 Trophies
Gold Trophy
The 9 trophies must be classified as having been obtained as a boss drop (usually meaning that the player got it from defeating a boss) in order to count for the recipe. Trophies obtained in creative cannot be used to craft the gold trophy.[1]

Notes[ | ]
  1. The player can obtain more trophies that will count for the recipe by opening their inventory, hovering over a trophy, and clicking their scroll wheel on the trophy obtained from a boss, while in creative mode. This will get the player a stack of trophies that can be used to make a gold trophy.

Ornate Trophy[ | ]

Ornate trophies are obtained by killing elite variants of bosses.

Natural generation[ | ]

Four trophies generate in the Nowhere hub, specifically:

  • Two normal trophies, each displaying a Shulker Bullet.
  • One gold trophy, displaying a Fireball.
  • One ornate trophy, displaying a Dragon Fireball.

Usage[ | ]

A Gold Trophy displaying a Yeti.

A trophy's primary use is to display a mob model. The mob model will spin slowly in place above the pedestal. If the rotatingTrophies config option is set to false, the mob will not spin.

Crafting[ | ]

9 trophies can be combined together in a crafting table to make a gold trophy as mentioned higher up on the page.

Summoning Elite Bosses[ | ]

If a gold trophy is displaying a boss, using that gold trophy on a Boss Altar will summon the elite version of the corresponding boss.

Customizing trophies[ | ]

Spawneggless Trophies

Various trophies with mobs and entities that do not have spawn eggs, obtained using data packs. The primed TNT trophy is actually displaying the fake primed TNT added by the mod (used by the Bomb Carrier). The empty trophy is displaying the item entity (when the player drops an item on the ground). The trophy with the black cube is displaying a falling block.

In survival mode, the only trophies that can be obtained normally are trophies that display bosses, and the gold variants of these trophies. Creative mode and data packs can be used to change a trophy's mob to be almost any, if not all, entities.

The trophy can be changed by using the desired mob's spawn egg on the trophy block. If a mob does not have a spawn egg, a trophy with the mob can still be obtained using a data pack.

If the player sets a trophy to a mob that does not exist, or to an entity with other issues (such as a lightning bolt), the trophy will transform into a trophy displaying an end crystal when placed.

Data packs can also be used to set a trophy's OriginalTrophy to allow the custom trophies to be usable to craft gold trophies.

Stacking trophies[ | ]

Trophies that display the same mob can stack with one another, but trophies with different mobs cannot stack with each other. In addition, a trophy that was classified as having been obtained as a boss drop can stack with other same-mob trophies that are also classified as boss drops, but cannot stack with trophies that are not classified as boss drops. Likewise, trophies not classified as boss drops can only stack with other trophies that share the same mob and lack boss drop classification.

Gallery[ | ]