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Trilliad Bloom
Hardness ?
Blast resistance ?
Luminance None
Tool Any (Silk Touch required)
Rarity color Common
Drops 1 Trilliad Seeds.png Trilliad Seeds
ID aoa3:trilliad_bloom

Trilliad Bloom is a plant that can be found in Shyrelands.


When broken with anything, Trilliad Blooms drop 1 Trilliad Seeds. The Fortune enchantment cannot be used to increase the amount of Trilliad Seeds dropped. Silk Touch can be used to pick up the actual Trilliad Bloom block, but shearing the block will not work.

Natural generation[]

Trilliad Blooms generate in groups on the surface of Shyrelands. They are less common than the other Shyrelands plants.


Breaking a Trilliad Bloom block will drop Trilliad Seeds.

When the block a Trilliad Bloom is on is broken, or a fluid flows over the Trilliad Bloom, the Trilliad Bloom will break, dropping its seeds.


When used on a Composter, Trilliad Bloom has a 65% chance to add a section to the pile in the Composter.