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Toy Tower
Toy Tower Transparent
Version added 2.1
ID aoa3:toy_tower

The Toy Tower is a structure from Celeve.

Generation[ | ]

Toy Tower generates naturally in Celeve.

Structure[ | ]

They are tall towers. They are only composed of Whitewash Bricks and Bloodstone Bricks. A Toy Merchant spawns at the top.

Structure pieces[ | ]

Structure piece Description Contents Image
aoa3:celeve/toy_tower/toy_tower Size: 11x46x11

The following entities are generated with this structure:
Toy Merchant Toy Merchant
Bloodstone Bricks Bloodstone Bricks
Whitewash Bricks Whitewash Bricks
Toy Tower

Mobs[ | ]

NPCs[ | ]

Toy Merchant
Toy Merchant