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Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste
Hardness N/A
Blast resistance 100.0
Transparent Yes
Luminance None
Tool Bucket
Rarity color Common
ID aoa3:toxic_waste
Version added 1.1

Not to be confused with Toxic Block.

Toxic Waste is a fluid block that forms the poison ponds of Vox Ponds.

Natural generation[ | ]

Toxic Waste forms the poison ponds of Vox Ponds.

Toxic Waste is also present in small ponds within the Swamp Arena of Nowhere.

Obtaining[ | ]

Toxic Waste can be picked up with a bucket. It is not possible to mine up Toxic Waste and obtain the actual block in the player's inventory otherwise. Attempting to mine the block will cause the player to break the block behind it, just like with water.

Usage[ | ]

Toxic Waste is a fluid block like water is, but it has very different properties.

Toxic Waste flows slower than water. Swimming vertically/jumping in Toxic Waste is very difficult, but the player can move around horizontally just fine. Players that fall into Toxic Waste are inflicted with Poison VIII and Nausea for as long as they are in it. Trying to stand on Toxic Waste will make the player sink slowly, similar to falling through a cobweb.

The air meter does not appear when the player becomes submerged into Toxic Waste; the player otherwise will not take drowning damage from staying submerged for too long.

If other fluids, such as water and lava, collide with Toxic Waste in a horizontal direction, the two fluids will have no interaction. If another fluid flows onto Toxic Waste from a vertical direction, then the other fluid will replace the Toxic Waste blocks.

Entities are capable of moving through Toxic waste easier the larger they are.