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Flaming Fury Totem.png
Health 1 (♥×0.5)
XP Xp Orb.png ?
Version added See individual totem.

Totems are lottery-themed items that contain special rewards.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Trading[edit | edit source]

All totems are sold by Lottomen for Lottery Gems. Each lottoman will sell two totems each. The lottomen will sell one totem for 10 gems, or 10 totems for 75 gems. See the chart below to see which totem is obtained from which lottoman.

Information[edit | edit source]

Totems can be used by right-clicking them on the ground. This will spawn in an idol. Attacking the idol will make it drop an item. The items available from the totems include:

Item Chance Get
Seeds.png Seeds 76.4%
Lotto Banner.png Lotto Banner 7.6%
Abyss Tokens.png Dimension-specific gems 11.5%
Specific-totem weapon 4.5%

The chance to get more of the above items cannot be increased with the Looting enchantment.

The gem the totem drops depends on which dimension the totem (and lottoman) is from. When the specific-totem weapon is dropped, a fanfare sound will play. See the chart below to see which weapons the totem drops.

Totems will despawn if the player gets too far away from them, or if the difficulty is set to Peaceful.

Totems[edit | edit source]

The totems are listed in alphabetical order:

Totem Weapon Obtained from Version Added
Abominator Totem.png Abominator Totem Abominator.png Abominator Precasian Lottoman 1.1
Ancient Bow Totem.png Ancient Bow Totem Ancient Bow.png Ancient Bow Precasian Lottoman 1.1
Animal Blaster Totem.png Animal Blaster Totem Animal Blasters.gif Animal Blasters Mystic Lottoman 1.1
Aquatic Staff Totem.png Aquatic Staff Totem Aquatic Staff.png Aquatic Staff Boreic Lottoman 1.1
Baron SSR Totem.png Baron SSR Totem Baron SSR.png Baron SSR Baron Lottoman 1.1
Baron Staff Totem.png Baron Staff Totem Baron Staff.png Baron Staff Baron Lottoman 1.1
BayonetteSR Totem.png BayonetteSR Totem BayonetteSR.png BayonetteSR Runic Lottoman 1.1
Bloodfury Totem.png Bloodfury Totem Bloodfury.png Bloodfury Abyssal Lottoman 1.1
Boom Boom Totem.png Boom-Boom Totem Boom Boom.png Boom-Boom Creeponia Lottoman 2.4
Creepoid Greatblade Totem.png Creepoid Greatblade Totem Creepoid Greatblade.png Creepoid Greatblade Creeponia Lottoman 2.4
Crystal Maul Totem.png Crystal Maul Totem Crystal Maul.png Crystal Maul Crystal Lottoman 2.2
Crystaneer Totem.png Crystaneer Totem Crystaneer.png Crystaneer Crystal Lottoman 2.2
Daybreaker Totem.png Daybreaker Totem Daybreaker Bow.png Daybreaker Dustopian Lottoman 1.1
Explochron Sword Totem.png Explochron Sword Totem Explochron Sword.png Explochron Sword Golden Lottoman 1.1
Flaming Fury Totem.png Flaming Fury Totem Flaming Fury.png Flaming Fury Withering Lottoman 1.1
Flowercorne Totem.png Flowercorne Totem Flowercorne.png Flowercorne Floro Lottoman 1.1
Froster Totem.png Froster Totem Froster.png Froster Candied Lottoman 2.3
Giga Cannon Totem.png Giga Cannon Totem Giga Cannon.png Giga Cannon Twinkling Lottoman 1.1
Goofy Greatblade Totem.png Goofy Greatblade Totem Goofy Greatblade.png Goofy Greatblade Celeve Lottoman 2.1
Haunters Rifle Totem.png Haunters Rifle Totem Haunters Rifle.png Haunters Rifle Haunted Lottoman 1.1
Luna Blaster Totem.png Luna Blaster Totem Luna Blaster.png Luna Blaster Lunar Lottoman 1.1
Mecha Blaster Totem.png Mecha Blaster Totem Mecha Blaster.png Mecha Blaster Golden Lottoman 1.1
Mint Magnum Totem.png Mint Magnum Totem Mint Magnum.png Mint Magnum Candied Lottoman 2.3
Noxious Greatblade Totem.png Noxious Greatblade Totem Noxious Greatblade.png Noxious Greatblade Toxic Lottoman 1.1
Predatious Bow Totem.png Predatious Bow Totem Predatious Bow.png Predatious Bow Rocky Lottoman 1.1
Pulsator Totem.png Pulsator Totem Pulsator.png Pulsator Lunar Lottoman 1.1
Purple Punisher Totem.png Purple Punisher Totem Purple Punisher.png Purple Punisher Twinkling Lottoman 1.1
Rosidian Archergun Totem.png Rosidian Archergun Totem Rosidian Archergun.png Rosidian Archergun Floro Lottoman 1.1
Royal Greatblade Totem.png Royal Greatblade Totem Royal Greatblade.png Royal Greatblade Lelyetian Lottoman 2.0
Sky Staff Totem.png Sky Staff Totem Sky Staff.png Sky Staff Shyrelands Lottoman Tslat 1.1
Soul Bone Totem.png Soul Bone Totem Soulbone.png Soulbone Shyrelands Lottoman Tslat 1.1
Soulfire Bow Totem.png Soulfire Bow Totem Soulfire Bow.png Soulfire Bow Abyssal Lottoman 1.1
Sound Cannon Totem.png Sound Cannon Totem Sound Cannons.gif Sound Cannons Mystic Lottoman 1.1
Swarm-O-Tron Totem.png Swarm-O-Tron Totem Swarmotron.png Swarmotron Lelyetian Lottoman 2.0
Terminator Totem.png Terminator Totem Terminator.png Terminator Dustopian Lottoman 1.1
Tidal Greatblade Totem.png Tidal Greatblade Totem Tidal Greatblade.png Tidal Greatblade Boreic Lottoman 1.1
Viral Archergun Totem.png Viral Archergun Totem Viral Archergun.png Viral Archergun Toxic Lottoman 1.1
Viper-1 Totem.png Viper-1 Totem Viper-1.png Viper-1 Haunted Lottoman 1.1
Wart Gun Totem.png Wart Gun Totem Wart Gun.png Wart Gun Withering Lottoman 1.1
Whimsy Winder Totem.png Whimsy Winder Totem Whimsy Winder.png Whimsy Winder Celeve Lottoman 2.1
Wizard Staff Totem.png Wizard Staff Totem Wizard Staff.png Wizard Staff Runic Lottoman 1.1