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Tools are items that are used for harvesting materials. Tools can be used in a variety of ways. When used, a tool's durability will start to deplete, and will disintegrate when it reaches zero durability. To prevent this, all tools can be repaired at a Mending Table with Magic Repair Dust or Magic Mending Compound. Two damaged tools of the same type can also be repaired by crafting them together. Additionally, certain tools can also be repaired by combining them with materials originally used to craft the item at an Anvil. (other than Sticks)


Overview page: Pickaxes

Emberstone Pickaxe.png Emberstone Pickaxe Energistic Pickaxe.png Energistic Pickaxe Goofy Pickaxe.png Goofy Pickaxe Gemcracker.png Gemcracker
Jade Pickaxe.png Jade Pickaxe Limonite Pickaxe.png Limonite Pickaxe Occult Pickaxe.png Occult Pickaxe Ornamyte Pickaxe.png Ornamyte Pickaxe
Pickmax.png Pickmax Skeletal Pickaxe.png Skeletal Pickaxe Soulstone Pickaxe.png Ornamyte Pickaxe

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Pickaxes for a comparison chart.


Overview page: Axes

Chainsaw.gif Chainsaw Emberstone Axe.png Emberstone Axe Energistic Axe.png Energistic Axe Goofy Axe.png Goofy Axe
Jade Axe.png Jade Axe Limonite Axe.png Limonite Axe Occult Axe.png Occult Axe Ornamyte Axe.png Ornamyte Axe
Skeletal Axe.png Skeletal Axe Soulstone Axe.png Soulstone Axe

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Axes for a comparison chart.


Overview page: Shovels

Emberstone Shovel.png Emberstone Shovel Energistic Shovel.png Energistic Shovel Goofy Shovel.png Goofy Shovel Jade Shovel.png Jade Shovel
Limonite Shovel.png Limonite Shovel Occult Shovel.png Occult Shovel Ornamyte Shovel.png Ornamyte Shovel Skeletal Shovel.png Skeletal Shovel
Soulstone Shovel.png Soulstone Shovel

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Shovels for a comparison chart.


Dryad's Blessing.png Dryad's Blessing Emberstone Hoe.png Emberstone Hoe Jade Hoe.png Jade Hoe Limonite Hoe.png Limonite Hoe

Hauling rods[]

Overview page: Hauling rods

Golden Rod.png Golden Rod Hauling Rod.png Hauling Rod Light Rod.png Light Rod Thermally Insulated Rod.png Thermally Insulated Rod

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Hauling rods for a comparison chart.

Other tools[]

Other tools that are a part of the Advent Tools creative tab. These have various functions.

Diamond Bowl.png Diamond Bowl Exp Flask.png Exp Flask Fishing Cage (item).png Fishing Cage Stone Bowl.png Stone Bowl

See specific pages for individual tool information.