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Token Collector
Token Collector
Health 30 (♥×15)
Size Width: 0.5625 blocks
Height: 2.0 blocks
Environment Immortallis
Hostility Passive
XP Xp Orb 1
ID aoa3:token_collector
Version added 2.4

The Token Collector is a NPC from Immortallis.

Spawning[ | ]

One Token Collector will always spawn in the first room of Immortallis upon generation.

Behavior[ | ]

Token Collectors are immortal and cannot be killed by normal means. If a dungeon keeper is killed, it will not respawn, leaving the Immortallis dungeon inaccessible to future players.

They will wander around aimlessly within the Immortallis waiting room.

Like most other structure-related NPCs, Token Collectors will not despawn naturally unless they are outside of their natural dimension.

Trades[ | ]

Token Collector trades are always fully available by default, and don't require any additional trades to unlock more.

Price Item
Dungeon Tokens 1 Dungeon Tokens Immortal Banner 1 Immortal Banner
Dungeon Tokens 1 Dungeon Tokens Vulcane 1 Vulcane
Dungeon Tokens 13 Dungeon Tokens Vulcane Augment Fire 1 Vulcane Augment: Fire
Dungeon Tokens 9 Dungeon Tokens Vulcane Augment Impairment 1 Vulcane Augment: Impairment
Dungeon Tokens 10 Dungeon Tokens Vulcane Augment Poison 1 Vulcane Augment: Poison
Dungeon Tokens 5 Dungeon Tokens Vulcane Augment Power 1 Vulcane Augment: Power
Dungeon Tokens 15 Dungeon Tokens Vulcane Augment Wither 1 Vulcane Augment: Wither
Dungeon Tokens 25 Dungeon Tokens Vulcane Augment Equality 1 Vulcane Augment: Equality
Dungeon Tokens 20 Dungeon Tokens Vulcane Augment Battle 1 Vulcane Augment: Battle
Dungeon Tokens 28 Dungeon Tokens Vulcammer Maul 1 Vulcammer Maul
Dungeon Tokens 26 Dungeon Tokens Meteor Staff 1 Meteor Staff