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Thrown Weapons are ranged weapons that do not require an item to fire from.

Overview[ | ]

Thrown Weapons are a weapon class added by Advent of Ascension. The mod adds 8 Thrown Weapons for the player to use.

They are consumable items that can be thrown by pressing use. Thrown Weapons cannot be used in the offhand. Any Thrown Weapon can be fired out of a Dispenser in the same way Arrows can. Thrown Weapons can also be thrown while sprinting. Thrown weapons do not have high damage output, but are the simplest ranged weapon and can be used in many scenarios.

All Thrown Weapons are thrown semi-automatically, which means the use button must be manually pressed per throw.

Most Thrown Weapons deal ranged attack damage.

List of Thrown Weapons[ | ]

Below is a list of all Thrown Weapons in the mod. By default, they are listed in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

Name Damage Throw Rate Effects
Chakram Chakram 4 (♥×2) 2.86/sec Poisons targets
Goo Ball Goo Ball 3.5 (♥×1.75) 2.86/sec Slows targets
Grenade Grenade 5 (♥×2.5) (Explosive) 2/sec
Hardened Parapiranha Hardened Parapiranha 10 (♥×5) 1/sec Withers targets
Hellfire Hellfire 3.5 (♥×1.75) 2.86/sec Enflames all nearby enemies on impact
Runic Bomb Runic Bomb 0 (♥×0) 2/sec Stuns all nearby enemies on impact
Slice Star Slice Star 4.5 (♥×2.25) 2.86/sec
Vulkram Vulkram 3 (♥×1.5) 2.86/sec Heals thrower on hit