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Advent of Ascension adds Varsium to the available tool materials for Tinker's Construct when the integration is enabled in the Integrations Config and the mod is present.

Information[edit | edit source]

Varsium is a metal material added by AoA that is the material representation of Varsium Ingots.

Like most metal materials, it can be obtained by smelting down Varsium items in the Smeltery, including Varsium Ore, Varsium Nuggets, and Varsium Blocks.

Molten Varsium[edit | edit source]

Molten Varsium is the smelted down form of Varsium, with a base temperature of 450°c.

By default, the following items can be smelted down into Varsium:

NOTE: Varsium tool parts are excluded from this list as they are the default functionality of Tinker's Construct

Item Temperature Molten Output Amount
Varsium Nugget 112°c 16mB
Varsium Ingot 225°c 144mB
Varsium Block 450°c 1296mB
Varsium Ore 279°c 288mB

Material Parts[edit | edit source]

The below tables detail the available parts for Varsium:

Head Handle Bow Extra
Durability Mining Speed Attack Mining Level Durability Modifier Draw Speed Range Bonus Damage Durability
870 5.2 3.9 Obsidian 300 1.0 0.55 1.5 3.8 250

Tool Parts[edit | edit source]

  • Varsium Arrow Head.png Arrow Head
  • Varsium Axe Head.png Axe Head
  • Varsium Binding.png Binding
  • Varsium Bowlimb.png Bowlimb
  • Varsium Broad Axe Head.png Broad Axe Head
  • Varsium Cross Guard.png Cross Guard
  • Varsium Excavator Head.png Excavator Head
  • Varsium Hammer Head.png Hammer Head
  • Varsium Hand Guard.png Hand Guard
  • Varsium Kama Head.png Kama Head
  • Varsium Knife Blade.png Knife Blade
  • Varsium Large Plate.png Large Plate
  • Varsium Large Sword Blade.png Large Sword Blade
  • Varsium Pan.png Pan
  • Varsium Pickaxe Head.png Pickaxe Head
  • Varsium Scythe Head.png Scythe Head
  • Varsium Shard.png Shard
  • Varsium Sharpening Kit.png Sharpening Kit
  • Varsium Shovel Head.png Shovel Head
  • Varsium Sign Plate.png Sign Plate
  • Varsium Sword Blade.png Sword Blade
  • Varsium Tool Rod.png Tool Rod
  • Varsium Tough Binding.png Tough Binding
  • Varsium Tough Tool Rod.png Tough Tool Rod
  • Varsium Wide Guard.png Wide Guard

Traits[edit | edit source]

Varsium has the following traits when on a tool:

Evil Pressure[edit | edit source]

The ever-increasing weight
Each hit has a chance to amplify negative effects present on mob.

When a tool with the Evil Pressure trait hits an enemy, it has a small chance to take an already-existing negative status effect the target is inflicted with, and amplify it by 1 level.

For example, if the player hits a Creeper that is inflicted with Poison 1 for 10 seconds, the tool has a chance to amplify that effect and inflict the creeper with Poison 2 for 10 seconds.

This effect can potentially be applied multiple times to a single target.

If the target has multiple negative status effects present, the tool will choose one at random before amplifying it.

The overall chance to activate the effect scales with the percentage of the target's health dealt in damage for that hit, increasing with more damage. This averages out to approximately 1 activation per creature's max health in damage.