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Advent of Ascension adds Mystite to the available tool materials for Tinker's Construct when the integration is enabled in the Integrations Config and the mod is present.

Information[edit | edit source]

Mystite is a metal material added by AoA that is the material representation of Mystite Ingots.

Like most metal materials, it can be obtained by smelting down Mystite items in the Smeltery, including Mystite Ore, Mystite Nuggets, Mystite Blocks, and other miscellaneous items such as Mystic Lamps.

Molten Mystite[edit | edit source]

Molten Mystite is the smelted down form of Mystite, with a base temperature of 430°c.

By default, the following items can be smelted down into Mystite:

NOTE: Mystite tool parts are excluded from this list as they are the default functionality of Tinker's Construct

Item Temperature Molten Output Amount
Mystite Nugget 107°c 16mB
Mystite Ingot 215°c 144mB
Mystite Block 430°c 1296mB
Mystite Ore 267°c 288mB
Mystic Lamp 215°c 144mB

Material Parts[edit | edit source]

The below tables detail the available parts for Mystite:

Head Handle Bow Extra
Durability Mining Speed Attack Mining Level Durability Modifier Draw Speed Range Bonus Damage Durability
760 3.65 4.3 6 105 1.05 0.65 1.4 3.0 80

Tool Parts[edit | edit source]

  • Mystite Arrow Head.png Arrow Head
  • Mystite Axe Head.png Axe Head
  • Mystite Binding.png Binding
  • Mystite Bowlimb.png Bowlimb
  • Mystite Broad Axe Head.png Broad Axe Head
  • Mystite Cross Guard.png Cross Guard
  • Mystite Excavator Head.png Excavator Head
  • Mystite Hammer Head.png Hammer Head
  • Mystite Hand Guard.png Hand Guard
  • Mystite Kama Head.png Kama Head
  • Mystite Knife Blade.png Knife Blade
  • Mystite Large Plate.png Large Plate
  • Mystite Large Sword Blade.png Large Sword Blade
  • Mystite Pan.png Pan
  • Mystite Pickaxe Head.png Pickaxe Head
  • Mystite Scythe Head.png Scythe Head
  • Mystite Shard.png Shard
  • Mystite Sharpening Kit.png Sharpening Kit
  • Mystite Shovel Head.png Shovel Head
  • Mystite Sign Plate.png Sign Plate
  • Mystite Sword Blade.png Sword Blade
  • Mystite Tool Rod.png Tool Rod
  • Mystite Tough Binding.png Tough Binding
  • Mystite Tough Tool Rod.png Tough Tool Rod
  • Mystite Wide Guard.png Wide Guard

Traits[edit | edit source]

Mystite has the following traits when on a tool:

Laced[edit | edit source]

Just a little touch of this
Poisons creatures when hit.

When a tool with the Laced trait successfully damages an enemy, it will inflict the target with Poison 1 for 3 seconds.

Toxic[edit | edit source]

Not for consumption
Releases a toxic cloud when critically-hitting enemies

Head parts only

When a tool with the Toxic trait successfully damages an enemy, a poisonous area-of-effect cloud will be spawned at the target's location, inflicting any hostile creatures within its radius with Poison 2 for 3 seconds.

The cloud's radius is 2 blocks, and quickly shrinks over time before disappearing 3 seconds after it appears.