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Advent of Ascension adds Limonite Rod as an arrow shaft material for Tinker's Construct when the integration is enabled in the Integrations Config and the mod is present.

Information[ | ]

Limonite Rods can be utilised as an arrow shaft material for Tinker's Construct arrows.

This material can be directly crafted into the arrow shaft without any need for smelting or casting.

Material[ | ]

When used as an arrow shaft, Limonite Rods offer the below stats to the arrow:

Modifier Bonus Ammo
2.0 -20

Traits[ | ]

Limonite Rods have the following traits:

Discounted[ | ]

Everyone likes free stuff
Significantly increases durability gained when repairing the tool.

When repairing a tool with the Discounted trait, the tool will repair 20% more durability than normal.