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Advent of Ascension has direct compatibility with Tinker's Construct.

Information[ | ]

AoA adds direct integration with Tinker's Construct when the mod is present. This integration can be disabled within AoA by setting enabled to false in the Tinker's Construct subcategory of the Integrations Config.

Materials[ | ]

AoA adds custom materials for Tinker's Construct tools.

This portion of the integration can be disabled by setting the materials configuration setting to false in the Tinker's Construct subcategory of the Integrations Config.

All tool materials added by AoA are detailed in full in the Materials and You book in Tinker's Construct.

The below materials are added by AoA:

Modifiers[ | ]

AoA adds custom modifiers for Tinker's Construct tools.

This portion of the integration can be disabled by setting the modifiers configuration setting to false in the Tinker's Construct subcategory of the Integrations Config.

Each modifier and its details are listed below:

Name ID Description Max Levels Materials Per Level Material Effect Notes
Air Blade air_blade
Splitting the air itself

Increases the damage dealt by sweep attacks.
3 1 Sharp Claw When the player performs a sweep attack on entities with Air Blade, the player will deal an additional 33/50/60% damage to all targets except the directly-impacted target.

This is almost identical to the Sweeping Edge enchantment, with the singular difference of slightly lower additional damage than the enchantment.
Can only be applied to Broadswords.
Butcherer butcherer
Satisfying the bloodlust

Grants increased chances of bloodlusts spawning when attacking.
3 3 Bloodstone Gives the player a 1.5% chance per modifier level of spawning a Bloodlust when attacking an enemy. This chance is additionally inversely affected by the attack speed of the weapon. E.G. A weapon that hits 2x faster than a standard sword will have the chance-per hit of spawning a Bloodlust halved.

. Entities that are blacklisted from spawning Bloodlusts via the Configuration will not spawn bloodlusts via this modifier.
Refreezing refreezing
Everlasting ice crystals

Regenerates tool damage when in cold environments.
3 3 Ice Crystal Tools with this modifier present will automatically regenerate durability when in cold environments. The ambient temperature of a player can be affected by the time of day, biome, weather conditions, and whether it is snowing or raining.
The regeneration speed will be doubled if the player is currently holding the tool.
Creepified creepified
Harness the power of fast air

Creates explosions when attacking mobs.
2 1 Unstable Gunpowder When the player successfully performs an attack with a tool that has this modifier will cause an explosion at the target's position. The strength of this explosion increases the higher the modifier's level. Additionally, dealing a critical hit will add 10% more power to the explosion. Due to an issue with how explosions work in Minecraft, killing a mob with this modifier may cause the loot it drops to disappear in the explosion.
Surprise Me surprise_me
Installing unreliability module

Increased average tool damage, but makes hits random.
3 4 Confetti Pile When dealing damage with a tool that has this modifier, the tool's average damage per hit will increase by 8% per modifier level. However, the tool's damage will be come progressively more random, dealing wildly higher or lower damage at random, increasing in scale the higher the modifier's level. This makes the tool less predictable in damage per hit, but increases overall damage.
Moneybags moneybags
Explosive pickpocketing

Causes mobs to explode into coins when killed.
3 1 Gold Coin When the player kills a mob using a tool that has this modifier, the mob will explode into silver or copper coins, throwing them in all directions. The amount of coins produced per kill is random, but increases the higher the modifier level the tool has.

Every coin generated has a 3.33% chance to be a Silver Coin, otherwise it will be a Copper Coin.
Coins generated by this modifier only stay in the world for 10 seconds and will vanish after this time if not picked up.

Slime Island Blacklist[ | ]

AoA by default adds all of its dimensions to the Slime Island blacklist in Tinker's Construct. This will prevent Slime Islands from spawning within those dimensions by default.

This portion of the integration can be configured in full via the slimeIslandBlacklist configuration setting in the Tinker's Construct subcategory of the Integrations Config.