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Advent of Ascension adds integration for the Patchouli mod.

As of 1.20.4-3.7.4, Patchouli now comes bundled with AoA, and no longer needs to be manually installed.

Information[ | ]

Having Patchouli installed into the game unlocks the following new features:

More information on these can be found in the following sections.

Lore tab[ | ]

When Patchouli is not installed, the Lore tab of the Advent GUI will be inaccessible. Installing Patchouli will allow the player to access the tab's contents.

The inside of the tab shows AoA Essentia and a Worn Book (if its unlocked).

The AoA Essentia book is available in the tab at the start of the game, while the Patchouli Worn Book will be added to the Lore tab once the player obtains one through other means.

Worn Book[ | ]

Main article: Worn Book (Patchouli)

The Worn Book is an item added to the game when the Patchouli mod is installed. It is a guidebook that acts as a more advanced version of the Worn Book added by Advent of Ascension.

It can be obtained from the Advent GUI or from a Corrupted Traveller. In the Corrupted Traveller's case, it is obtained in the same way as the Worn Book added by Advent of Ascension, replacing and making the latter unobtainable.

AoA Essentia[ | ]

Main article: AoA Essentia

Torn Pages[ | ]

Main article: Torn Pages

Patchouli is required to view Torn Pages, although they can still be obtained without it.