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This wiki is currently being updated to 1.18.2+ versions of the mod. If you are struggling to find information regarding 1.16.5 AoA, or are curious as to why 1.18.2+ versions are being released incomplete, please check out this page.


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Advent of Ascension adds support for Pam's Harvestcraft.

Information[ | ]

AoA adds direct support for Pam's Harvestcraft when the mod is present. Unlike most third-party mod support in AoA, this cannot be disabled by any configuration options at the current time.

Ore Dictionary[ | ]

AoA adds numerous items to Harvestcraft's ore dictionary entries, allowing for the mod to utilise AoA's items in its own recipes.

The items which AoA adds into Harvestcraft's ore dictionary entries are below:

Item Ore Dictionary Entries
Raw Candlefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Crimson Skipper listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Crimson Stripefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Dark Hatchetfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Fingerfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Golden Gullfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Ironback listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Limefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Pearl Stripefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Rainbowfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Razorfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Rocketfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Sailback listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Sapphire Strider listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Turquoise Stripefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Raw Violet Skipper listAllfishfresh, listAllfishraw
Candlefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Crimson Skipper listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Crimson Stripefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Dark Hatchetfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Fingerfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Golden Gullfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Ironback listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Limefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Pearl Stripefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Rainbowfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Razorfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Rocketfish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Sailback listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Sapphire Strider listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Turquoise Stripefish listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Violet Skipper listAllfishfresh, listAllfishcooked
Bubble Berries listAllfruit
Raw Charger Shank listAllmeatraw
Charger Shank listAllmeatcooked
Raw Chimera Chop listAllmeatraw
Chimera Chop listAllmeatcooked
Fiery Chops listAllmeatcooked
Raw Furlion Chop listAllmeatraw
Furlion Chop listAllmeatcooked
Raw Ursa Meat listAllmeatraw
Ursa Meat listAllmeatcooked
Raw Halycon Beef listAllbeefraw, listAllmeatraw
Halycon Beef listAllbeef, listAllmeatcooked
Gingerbread Cookie listAllcookie
Gingerbread Wing listAllcookie
Halycon Milk listAllmilk
Heart Fruit listAllfruit
Hot Rod listAllmeatcooked
Lunarade listAllsoda
Mystic Shrooms listAllmushroom
Nature Melon Slice listAllfruit
Bubble Berry Seeds listAllseed
Chilli Seeds listAllseed
Floracle Seeds listAllseed
Goldicap Seeds listAllseed
Heart Fruit Seeds listAllseed
Holly Top Seeds listAllseed
Lunacrike Seeds listAllseed
Luna Globe Seeds listAllseed
Lunalon Seeds listAllseed
Magic Marang Seeds listAllseed
Rosidon Seeds listAllseed
Tea Seeds listAllseed
Thorny Plant Seeds listAllseed
Trilliad Seeds listAllseed