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Advent of Ascension has direct compatibility with Immersive Engineering.

Information[ | ]

AoA adds direct integration with Immersive Engineering when the mod is present. This integration can be disabled within AoA by setting enabled to false in the Immersive Engineering subcategory of the Integrations Config.

Chemical Thrower[ | ]

AoA adds support for custom liquids in Immersive Engineering's Chemical Thrower.

Below are the liquids supported by AoA with the Chemical Thrower:

Liquid Effects
Candied Water Extinguishes burning entities and fire blocks on impact. Deals minor drowning damage to Blazes and Endermen. Has a 50% chance to inflict Slowness 1 for 1 second on impact.

Garden Cloche[ | ]

AoA supports growing various crops in Immersive Engineering's Garden Cloche.

Below are the crops supported by AoA with the Garden Cloche:

Crop Input Output
Bubble Berry Crop Bubble Berry Seeds 1 Bubble Berries, 1 Bubble Berry Seeds
Eye Bulb Crop Eye Bulb 2 Eye Bulbs
Floracles Crop Floracle Seeds 1 Floracle Sticks, 1 Floracle Seeds
Goldicaps Crop Goldicap Seeds 1 Goldicap Petals, 1 Goldicap Seeds
Heart Fruit Crop Heart Fruit Seeds 1 Heart Fruit, 1 Heart Fruit Seeds
Holly Tops Crop Holly Top Seeds 1 Holly Top Petals, 1 Holly Top Seeds
Lunacrike Crop Lunacrike Seeds 1 Lunacrike, 1 Lunacrike Seeds
Lunalons Crop Lunalon Seeds 1 Lunalons, 1 Lunalon Seeds
Luna Globe Crop Luna Globe Seeds 1 Lune Globe, 1 Luna Globe Seeds
Magic Marang Crop Magic Marang Seeds 1 Magic Marang, 1 Magic Marang Seeds
Mystic Shrooms Crop Mystic Shrooms 2 Mystic Shrooms
Rosidons Crop Rosidon Seeds 1 Rosidons, 1 Rosidon Seeds
Tea Crop Tea Seeds 1 Tea Shreddings, 1 Tea Seeds
Thorny Plant Crop Thorny Plant Seeds 1 Thorny Petals, 1 Thorny Plant Seeds
Trilliad Crop Trilliad Seeds 1 Trilliad Leaves, 1 Trilliad Seeds