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An alpha for 3.6 has been released. Download it here.


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Advent of Ascension integrates natively with several other third-party mods to provide new interactions, items, and activities. It also offers functionality to allow other developers to create add-ons and extensions for AoA.


Third-Party Mods with integration[]

The following are mods that Advent of Ascension has direct compatibility with. Mods that themselves add compatibility for AoA are not listed here.


Version Information
3.2 Added initial Tinker's Construct and Pam's Harvestcraft support.
3.3 Added support for Craft Tweaker, Immersive Engineering, IndustrialCraft 2, Just Enough Items, Just Enough Resources, Thaumcraft, and Thermal Expansion.
Added a lot of new Tinker's support: added molten shyrestone, Limonite Rod arrow shafts, Torn Cloth fletching, tool parts for many of the mod's ingots, and many new modifiers and materials.