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|VersionAdded= 1.0
|VersionAdded= 1.0
Rockrider Platforms contain the [[Rockrider Shrine]]. The player can use a [[Heavy Boulder]] on it to summon the [[Rockrider]] (only if they are awesome).
Rockrider Platforms contain the [[Rockrider Shrine]]. The player can use a [[Heavy Boulder]] on it to summon the [[Rockrider]].

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The Haven
The Haven.png
Version 1.0


The Haven is a dimension in allegiance to the god Luxon. It is one of the few dimensions which does not have a prerequisite dimension, and can be entered using the materials gathered in the overworld. It is often considered one of the easier dimensions in the mod, and is quite commonly the first dimension the player enters. The Realmstone for this dimension is a drop from Goalbies and Magickes, both of which spawn in the Extreme Hills biome of the overworld.


The landscape of Haven is formed by many massive islands that float in the sky. The islands are considerably bigger than those of Lunalus and Celeve, and thus provide less of a risk of the player falling into the void. Crystallite Ore veins can be found generating anywhere in Haven. The structures unique to haven are:

Guardians' Tower

Guardians' Tower
Guardians' Tower.png
Version 1.0

Gaurdians' Towers contain spawners for the mobs Seeker and Surveyor. On the top of the tower, the Guardian Altar can be found. The player can use a Voliant Heart on it to summon the Four Guardians. The drops possible to farm in this structure are: Vortex Blaster.png Vortex Blaster, Haven Gems.png Haven Gems, Lelyetia Realmstone.png Lelyetia Realmstone, Minigun.png Minigun and Light Upgrade Kit.png Light Upgrade Kit.

Rockrider Platform

Rockrider Platform
File:Rockrider Platform.png
Version 1.0

Rockrider Platforms contain the Rockrider Shrine. The player can use a Heavy Boulder on it to summon the Rockrider.

Dawnlight Dungeon

Dawnlight Dungeon
Dawnlight Dungeon.png
Version 1.1

Dawnlight Dungeons contain spawners for the mob Dawnlight. The drop possible to farm in this structure is: Bubble Horn.png Bubble Horn.

Haven Fountain

Haven Fountain
Haven Fountain.png
Version 1.1

Haven Fountains contain the Twinkling Lottoman, which trades the Purple Punisher.png Purple Punisher Totem and the Giga Cannon.png Giga Cannon Totem for Haven Gems.png Haven Gems.

The Kinetic Rune variant of the Rune Shrine can also spawn in the Haven. The blocks used for the generation of the Haven are:

Haven Grass.png Haven Grass

Haven Stone.png Haven Stone

Crystallite Ore.png Crystallite Ore

Oak Wood.png Oak Wood

Haven Leaves.gif Haven Leaves

Haven Grass2.png Haven Grass(Plant)


The Haven has eight Mobs, seven being aggressive. All but Dawnlight can spawn naturally. The Haven has the only passive mob in Nevermine, the Halycon. Due to the floating landscape of the Haven, many mobs have the ability to fly. The mobs that can be found in the Haven are: Automaton, Halycon, Rainicorn, Seeker, Surveyor, Dawnlight, Volar, Voliant

The Haven also has three NPCs, all but the Twinkling Lottoman spawning naturally. The NPCs found in the Haven are: Twinkling Lottoman, Augury Master, Anima Master


The resources that are unique to the Haven are:

Crystallite Stone.png Crystallite Stone, from generation

Haven Gems.png Haven Gems, from Rainicorn, Seeker, Surveyor, Volar, Voliant

Halycon Milk.png Halycon Milk, from Halycon

Haven Realmstone.png Haven Realmstone, from Voliant

Lelyetia Realmstone.png Lelyetia Realmstone, from Seeker, Surveyor

Ancient Cavern Realmstone.png Ancient Cavern Realmstone, from Automaton

Dragilator.png Dragilator, from Automaton

Electinator.png Electinator, from Automaton

Frosticator.png Frosticator, from Automaton

Germinator.png Germinator, from Automaton

Krilinator.png Krilinator, from Automaton

Color Cannon.png Color Cannon, from Rainicorn

Vortex Blaster.png Vortex Blaster, from Seeker

Minigun.png Minigun, from Surveyor

Bubble Horn.png Bubble Horn, from Dawnlight

RPG.png RPG, from Voliant

Rockbasher Sword.png Rockbasher Sword, from Rockrider

Rock-Pick Sword.png Rock-Pick Sword, from Rockrider

Jack Rocker.png Jack Rocker, from Rockrider

Long Shot.png Long Shot, from Rockrider

Guardian's Sword.png Guardian's Sword, from Four Guardians

Bayonette Rifle.png Bayonette Rifle, from Four Guardians

Red Rocket.png Red Rocket, from Four Guardians

Eradicator.png Eradicator, from Four Guardians

Purple Punisher Totem.png Purple Punisher Totem, from Twinkling Lottoman

Giga Cannon Totem.png Giga Cannon Totem, from Twinkling Lottoman

Gravitator.png Gravitator, from Volar

Augury Chestplate.png Augury Armor, from Augury Master

Anima Chestplate.png Anima Armor, from Anima Master

Voliant Heart.png Voliant Heart, from Voliant


The Haven is the only dimension to generate with vanilla Oak Wood, and therefore the only dimension to generate trees without a new wood.