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Reason: " Need to remove deprecated stuff"

This template is deprecated.
Please use Template:EntityInfo instead.


All variables except Type are optional.

| image = imagename.png
| imagesize = Maximum image size; defaults to 250x250px
| image2 = imagename2.png
| image2caption = Caption of the image on the bottom of the infobox
| type = Dimension
| environment = Biome
| damage = Amount of HP they damage the undefended player upon hit
| hp = Amount of HP the NPC has
| living = Sound the mob makes when it's alive
| hurt = Sound the mob makes when it gets hurt
| death = Sound the mob makes when it dies
| music = If the mob is a boss, the music that plays in the background during the fight
| title = (optional if you want a different title)
| item1|quantity1|rate1
| item15|quantity15|rate15