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This template uses Module:LootTable, a script written in the Lua programming language.
Please see wikipedia:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

Template:LootTable is a template used for displaying information regarding loot tables.

It is recommended to generate these templates using the AoAWikiHelperMod, which is less tedious and error prone than adding them manually.


The available parameters are listed below:

  • title – sets the title displayed at the top of the table. If not specified or left blank, the default title depends on the type parameter (described below).
  • type – determines which loot table the template is representing. For type hauling this hides the quantity column; other table types have the same structure and only the table title is different.

Adding loot

To add loot, add a parameter pool1 followed by a series of text with the below formatting, which represents a row in the table:

item:text; quantity:text; looting:text; weight:text; notes:text; level:text; xp:text; image:text; imagesize:text
  • item: or entity: specifies the name of the item being represented (e.g. item:Limonite Ingot).
  • This can also be set to "nothing" if the table row represents the chance of dropping no item.
  • quantity: specifies how many of this item gets dropped (e.g. quantity:3-5). This should not be specified if the item is nothing or another loot table.
  • looting: describes what effect the Looting enchantment has on the drop (e.g. looting:+2 per level).
  • weight: specifies the weight of this item in the pool (e.g. weight:3). This should be a positive integer, and will be used to calculate the values shown in the "Chance" column in the table.
  • notes: specifies the text to display in the "Notes" column (e.g. notes:Some text here).
  • level: specifies the skill level required for that item drop (for hauling tables).
  • linktext: specifies the text to be displayed if different from the linked article name.
  • image: specifies a filename without the "File:", but with the extension (e.g. image:Limonite Ingot.png). Usually this is not needed if the filename is the same as the article name and has a '.png' extension.
    • It can also be set to image:none to prevent an image from displaying, such as when the "item" is another loot table.
  • imagesize: specifies the size of the image, which defaults to 32px. This option is usually not needed either.

It's recommended to specify at least the item, quantity (when applicable) and weight; the rest of the above options can be left out if not applicable.

The above options should be separated by a semicolon (;), though one isn't needed after the last item in the line. The number of spaces immediately around the semicolon and the colon after the option name has no effect on the output.

Multiple items can be added to the table by adding each text string on a separate line. To add a new pool, add |pool2= (or pool3, pool4 etc) followed by the items in the new pool.

Specifying number of rolls

To specify the number of rolls in a pool, add a parameter |rolls1= (replacing 1 with the number of the pool specified above). Bonus rolls can be specified with |bonusrolls1=, though it can be left out if the pool doesn't have any bonus rolls. This will create a new table cell at the bottom of the pool saying "The above pool is rolled X times, with an additional X rolls per point of Luck."

Specifying additional notes about the pool

Additional text can be added under the pool by specifying |notes1=. This will put the specified text in the same cell as the rolls info on a separate line. You can also choose to leave out the |rolls1= parameter and specify the number of rolls here if it needs to be phrased differently.

Example usage

|title= Example loot table
item:Floating Stone; quantity:0-1; weight:50
item:Haven Tokens; quantity:1-8; weight:20
item:nothing; weight:100
|rolls1= 3
|bonusrolls1= 0-1

item:Limonite Ingot; quantity:1; weight:30; image:none
item:Copper Coin; quantity:1-3; weight:20; notes:Some text here
item:Voliant Heart; quantity:1; weight:20
|rolls2= 1
|notes2= It has a fixed 20.0% chance to roll for drops, with an additional 10.0% chance per level of looting.

The above text will produce the following table:

Example loot table
Item Quantity Chance Notes
Floating Stone.png Floating Stone 0-1 29.4%
Haven Tokens.png Haven Tokens 1-8 11.8%
Nothing - 58.8%
The above pool is rolled 3 times, with an additional 0-1 rolls per point of Luck
Limonite Ingot 1 42.9%
Copper Coin.png Copper Coin 1-3 28.6% Some text here
Voliant Heart.png Voliant Heart 1 28.6%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
It has a fixed 20.0% chance to roll for drops, with an additional 10.0% chance per level of looting.