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Swords are short-ranged melee weapons.

Overview[ | ]

Swords are a weapon class added by vanilla Minecraft. The mod adds 33 new Swords for the player to use.

As a whole, Swords still retain the same inherent qualities as their vanilla counterparts. On average, Swords can achieve the overall highest damage output of any weapon class, but have the shortest range of any weapon class.

Swords deal player attack damage, I.E. melee damage. Most Swords have an attack speed of 1.6.

Enchanting[ | ]

Swords can be given the following enchantments:

Bolded enchantments are ones added by Advent of Ascension. Any Sword added by the mod can be enchanted at an Enchantment Table, Anvil, or Infusion Table.

List of Swords[ | ]

Below is a list of all Swords in the mod. By default, they are listed in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

Name Damage Attack Speed Durability Effects
Baron Sword Baron Sword 12 (♥×6) 1.6/sec 1975 Has a 20% chance to do extra damage
Bloodfury Bloodfury 13 (♥×6.5) 1.8/sec 1990
Bloodstone Sword Bloodstone Sword 15 (♥×7.5) 1.6/sec 1990
Candlefire Sword Candlefire Sword 18 (♥×9) 1.6/sec 2985 Sets targets on fire
Caramel Carver Caramel Carver 16.5 (♥×8.25) 1.6/sec 2400 Slows targets
Duration increases depending on number of nearby enemies
Coralstorm Sword Coralstorm Sword 9 (♥×4.5) 1.6/sec 1800 Grants increased strength when in water
Creepified Sword Creepified Sword 14.5 (♥×7.25) 1.6/sec 2090 10% Chance to summon a Friendly Creeper on hit
Crystallite Sword Crystallite Sword 15 (♥×7.5) 1.7/sec 2310
Emberstone Sword Emberstone Sword 12 (♥×6) 1.6/sec 2050 Auto-smelts any loot dropped from slain creatures
Explochron Sword Explochron Sword 16 (♥×8) 1.6/sec 2360 Explodes on hit
Fireborne Sword Fireborne Sword 13 (♥×6.5) 1.6/sec 1995 Sets targets on fire
Guardian's Sword Guardian's Sword 16 (♥×8) 1.6/sec 2420 Right click to charge up with a Crystallite Stone
Harvester Sword Harvester Sword 18.5 (♥×9.25) 1.6/sec 2550 Occasionally steals health from the target
Holy Sword Holy Sword 1 (♥×0.5) 4.8/sec 2500 A holy token
Illusion Sword Illusion Sword 15.5 (♥×7.75) 1.6/sec 2300 10% Chance to confuse the target into attacking another enemy
Jade Sword Jade Sword 7.5 (♥×3.75) 1.6/sec 950
Legbone Sword Legbone Sword 12.5 (♥×6.25) 1.6/sec 2020 Poisons targets
Light's Way Light's Way 8.5 (♥×4.25) 3.2/sec 2900
Limonite Sword Limonite Sword 6.5 (♥×3.25) 1.6/sec 176
Nethengeic Sword Nethengeic Sword 15 (♥×7.5) 1.6/sec 2120 Sets targets on fire
If target is immune to fire, withers them instead
Primal Sword Primal Sword 14 (♥×7) 1.6/sec 2060 Gains additional power the less armour the holder uses
Rock-Pick Sword Rock-Pick Sword 13 (♥×6.5) 1.6/sec 2100 Also effective against rocks
Rockbasher Sword Rockbasher Sword 17 (♥×8.5) 1.6/sec 2430 Enemies with armour cause an explosion on hit
Rosidian Sword Rosidian Sword 16.5 (♥×8.25) 1.6/sec 2430 Absorbs health from the target
Runic Sword Runic Sword 18.5 (♥×9.25) 1.6/sec 2690 Runes held in offhand can be channeled for additional effects
Channeling rune power drains durability
Shadow Sword Shadow Sword 18 (♥×9) 1.6/sec 2585
Shroomus Sword Shroomus Sword 16 (♥×8) 1.6/sec 2295 Transfers negative effects from the wielder to the target on hit
Skeletal Sword Skeletal Sword 11 (♥×5.5) 2/sec 1900
Supremacy Sword Supremacy Sword 15.5 (♥×7.75) 1.6/sec 2270 Finishes off targets close to death
Sweet Sword Sweet Sword 16 (♥×8) 1.6/sec 2360 Very sweet
Troll-Basher Axe Troll-Basher Axe 13 (♥×6.5) 1.6/sec 1800 Also effective against wood
Ultraflame Ultraflame 16 (♥×8) 1.6/sec 2350 Sets all nearby enemies on fire
Void Sword Void Sword 11.5 (♥×5.75) 1.6/sec 1750 10% Chance to briefly stun targets