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Stranded Lottoman
Stranded Lottoman.png
Biome N/A
Consists of 20px Chain
Crate.png Crate
Lunar Bricks Wall.png Lunar Bricks Wall
Lunar Carpet.png Lunar Carpet
Lunar Glass.png Lunar Glass
Lunide Button.png Lunide Button
Lunide Fence.png Lunide Fence
Lunide Log.png Lunide Log
Lunide Planks.png Lunide Planks
20px Soul Campfire
20px Soul Lantern
Stone.png Stone
Stone Slab.png Stone Slab
Stone Stairs.png Stone Stairs
Version added 3.5
ID aoa3:stranded_lottoman

Stranded Lottoman is a structure from Lunalus.


Stranded lottoman generates in Lunalus.


The stranded lottoman is an asteroid with a cave on the inside. Just outside the entrance of the cave are many different blocks lying around. In the deepest parts of the cave is a soul campfire and various other decorative blocks, as well as a lunar lottoman.

Structure pieces[]

  • aoa3:lunalus/stranded_lottoman/stranded_lottoman