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Stone Giant
Stone Giant
Health 150 (♥×75)
Size Width: 1.125 blocks
Height: 6.5 blocks
Damage Melee:

Easy: 6.75 (♥×3.375)
Normal: 11.5 (♥×5.75)
Hard: 17.25 (♥×8.625)

Easy: 6 (♥×3)
Normal: 10 (♥×5)
Hard: 15 (♥×7.5)

Armor 13 (Armor icon×6.5)
Armor toughness 12
Hostility Neutral
XP Xp Orb 26
Knockback Resistance 100%
ID aoa3:stone_giant
Version added ?

Stone Giants are neutral mobs that spawn naturally in the Overworld.

Spawning[ | ]

Stone Giants rarely spawn naturally in the Overworld. They will only spawn in biomes tagged as forge:is_mountain- however the biome must not also be tagged as forge:is_snowy nor forge:is_lush.

They will only spawn during the day, and like most other mobs; their spawning can be prevented by placing torches or other lighting blocks nearby to raise the light level above 0.

Behavior[ | ]

Stone Giants are neutral mobs, and won't attacked unless provoked.

Once provoked, Stone Giants will pursue and attack their target from up to 40 blocks away. When the target is close enough, the Stone Giant will chase after them. Once the Stone Giant enters melee range, it will throw its arms up into the air and crash them down, doing melee damage if the attack connects.

If the target goes far enough away, the Stone Giant will begin pulling rocks out of its own body and throwing them at the target. The Stone Giant fires very accurately; the target will get hit if it doesn't move. The Stone Giant can fire rocks at both short and long distances. While the Stone Giant is throwing rocks, it will not move from its current position, unless the target moves too far, then the Stone Giant will chase after the target while still throwing rocks. The rock in the Stone Giant's body will regenerate after each throw, meaning that the Stone Giant has an unlimited amount of rocks. Stone Giant will become slightly more accurate with its rock throws the higher the difficulty setting is. The rock deals ranged attack damage.

Every time the player or another attacker successfully does more than 1 (♥×0.5) damage to the Stone Giant, it will spawn a single Silverfish on top of the Stone Giant. The Silverfish will immediately start attacking whoever caused them to spawn. If not killed, the Silverfish will stay alive for 10 seconds, after this each will return to the Stone Giant it spawned from and heal 7 (♥×3.5) health to it on easy, 14 (♥×7) health on normal, or 21 (♥×10.5) health on hard difficulty upon making contact. This will cause the Silverfish to disappear. The Silverfish will only return to and heal the Stone Giant if it needs to be healed. If the Stone Giant is killed while Silverfish are still in the world, then the Silverfish will stay alive once the 10 seconds are up.

Other abilities[ | ]

Stone Giant can walk over blocks and obstacles up to 1.5 blocks high.

Stone Giants cannot be pushed.

Drops[ | ]

Entity loot
Additional drops from World Tables are not included here
Item Quantity Looting Chance
Flint Flint 20-44 +0-10 per level 20.0%
Stone Stone 40-64 +5-15 per level 40.0%
Cobblestone Cobblestone 40-64 +5-15 per level 40.0%
The above pool is rolled 1-3 times
Nothing - - 44.8%
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 4-8 +1-3 per level 29.9%
Small Skill Crystal Small Skill Crystal 1-2 - 14.9%
Silver Coin Silver Coin 1 - 1.5%
Diamond Diamond 5-10 +1-2 per level 7.5%
Emerald Emerald 4-8 +1-2 per level 1.5%
The above pool is rolled 1-3 times

Bestiary Entry[ | ]

An over-sized stone elemental that rules the mountaintops of the Overworld. Finding one of these awe-inspiring creatures in the wild is a rare opportunity, given their solitary nature.

Standing well and truly above the head of any human, they use their large tough bodies as a form of intimidation, to great effect.

They are not known for acts of aggression, however they will defend themselves vigorously if attacked, and will happily chase down fleeing victims.

It utilises its incredibly tough body to resist incoming attacks, which it does both as a form of defense, and in effort to protect its little friends. Stone Giants appear to allow Silverfish to hide away inside its body, presumably as a means of protect and safe habitat. Once disturbed, they will jump out of the giant's body and help their protector fend off the attacker until successful. They can also return to the giant's body to assist with repairing its stone body, which further increases its deadliness.

Gallery[ | ]