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Hardness Same as Parent Block
Blast resistance Same as Parent Block
Transparent Semi
Luminance None
Flammable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe/Axe (depends on type)
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
ID See below

For the block in vanilla Minecraft, see mcw:Stairs.

Stairs are blocks that the player can climb up when walked into. Advent of Ascension adds a lot of different kinds of stairs.


There are 82 different kinds of stairs added by the mod. Stairs in the mod act exactly the same as stairs in vanilla Minecraft. Certain properties of the stairs, such as whether or not they are flammable, or are renewable, are dependent on the stair type.


All stairs are crafted out of the same stairs recipe that makes vanilla stairs:

Item Ingredients Crafting
Stairs Corresponding ingredient


All stairs in the stone stairs section below can also be made at a stonecutter. One stone stair can be made with one of the corresponding stone block at the stonecutter, exactly like stone-type stairs are made in vanilla Minecraft.

List of stairs[]

The following is a list of the stairs in the mod.

Brick stairs[]

Brick stairs can be mined with a pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, they will drop nothing. They are crafted out of their corresponding bricks. Brick stairs are not flammable.

Stairs Name Made of Notes ID Version added
Archaic Tile Stairs.png Archaic Tile Stairs Archaic Tile.png Archaic Tile aoa3:archaic_tile_stairs 1.16.5-3.6
Archaic Tile Node Stairs.png Archaic Tile Node Stairs Archaic Tile Node.png Archaic Tile Node aoa3:archaic_tile_node_stairs 1.18.2-3.6-Public Alpha 4
Archaic Tile (Small) Stairs.png Archaic Tile (Small) Stairs Archaic Tile (Small).png Archaic Tile (Small) aoa3:archaic_tile_small_stairs 1.18.2-3.6-Public Alpha 4
Archaic Tile Stream Stairs.png Archaic Tile Stream Stairs Archaic Tile Stream.png Archaic Tile Stream aoa3:archaic_tile_stream_stairs 1.18.2-3.6-Public Alpha 4
Baron Brick Stairs.png Baron Stone Brick Stairs Baron Stone Bricks.png Baron Stone Bricks aoa3:baron_stone_brick_stairs ??
Baron Tile Stairs.png Baron Tile Stairs File:Baron Tile.png Baron Tile aoa3:baron_tile_stairs 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha
Black Mysterium Bricks Stairs.png Black Mysterium Bricks Stairs Black Mysterium Bricks.png Black Mysterium Bricks aoa3:black_mysterium_brick_stairs ??
Bloodstone Bricks Stairs.png Bloodstone Bricks Stairs Bloodstone Bricks.png Bloodstone Bricks aoa3:bloodstone_bricks_stairs ??
Coral Bricks Stairs.png Coral Bricks Stairs Coral Bricks.png Coral Bricks aoa3:coral_bricks_stairs ??
Creeponia Bricks Stairs.png Creeponia Bricks Stairs Creeponia Bricks.png Creeponia Bricks aoa3:creeponia_bricks_stairs ??
Crystallite Bricks Stairs.png Crystallite Bricks Stairs Crystallite Bricks.png Crystallite Bricks aoa3:crystallite_bricks_stairs ??
Crystevia Bricks Stairs.png Crystevia Bricks Stairs Crystevia Bricks.png Crystevia Bricks aoa3:crystevia_bricks_stairs ??
Dark Bricks Stairs.png Dark Bricks Stairs Dark Bricks.png Dark Bricks aoa3:dark_bricks_stairs ??
Darkwash Bricks Stairs.png Darkwash Bricks Stairs Darkwash Bricks.png Darkwash Bricks Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:darkwash_bricks_stairs ??
Gardencia Bricks Stairs.png Gardencia Bricks Stairs Gardencia Bricks.png Gardencia Bricks aoa3:gardencia_bricks_stairs ??
Greckon Bricks Stairs.png Greckon Bricks Stairs Greckon Bricks.png Greckon Bricks aoa3:greckon_bricks_stairs ??
Green Mysterium Bricks Stairs.png Green Mysterium Bricks Stairs Green Mysterium Bricks.png Green Mysterium Bricks aoa3:green_mysterium_bricks_stairs ??
Haunted Bricks Stairs.png Haunted Bricks Stairs Haunted Bricks.png Haunted Bricks aoa3:haunted_bricks_stairs ??
Hellstone Brick Stairs.png Hellstone Brick Stairs Hellstone Bricks.png Hellstone Bricks aoa3:hellstone_brick_stairs 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha
Iro Dotted Bricks Stairs.png Iro Dotted Bricks Stairs Iro Dotted Bricks.png Iro Dotted Bricks Generates naturally in: Professors Lab aoa3:iro_dotted_bricks_stairs ??
Iro Striped Bricks Stairs.png Iro Striped Bricks Stairs Iro Striped Bricks.png Iro Striped Bricks Generates naturally in: Professors Lab aoa3:iro_striped_bricks_stairs ??
Lelyetian Bricks Stairs.png Lelyetian Bricks Stairs Lelyetian Bricks.png Lelyetian Bricks aoa3:lelyetian_bricks_stairs ??
Lunar Bricks Stairs.png Lunar Bricks Stairs Lunar Bricks.png Lunar Bricks Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:lunar_bricks_stairs ??
Rosidian Bricks Stairs.png Rosidian Bricks Stairs Rosidian Bricks.png Rosidian Bricks aoa3:rosidian_bricks_stairs ??
Runic Construct Bricks Stairs.png Runic Construct Bricks Stairs File:Runic Construct Bricks.png Runic Construct Bricks aoa3:runic_construct_bricks_stairs ??
Skeletal Bricks Stairs.png Skeletal Bricks Stairs Skeletal Bricks.png Skeletal Bricks aoa3:skeletal_bricks_stairs ??
Whitewash Bricks Stairs.png Whitewash Bricks Stairs Whitewash Bricks.png Whitewash Bricks Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:whitewash_bricks_stairs ??
White Shyre Bricks Stairs.png White Shyre Bricks Stairs White Shyre Bricks.png White Shyre Bricks Generates naturally in: Blade of the Heavens, Crae Statue, Divine Ritual Temple, Luxocron Dungeon, Ruined Arch, Ruined House (both variants), Ruined Statue, Shyre Bank Stand, Shyre Mausoleum, Shyre Shelter, Temple of the Sun, and Whitewashing Mill aoa3:white_shyre_bricks_stairs ??
Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs Yellow Shyre Bricks.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Generates naturally in: Archer Outpost, Blade of the Heavens, Crae Statue, Divine Ritual Temple, Luxocron Dungeon, Ruined Arch, Ruined Archer Outpost, Ruined Statue, Shyre Bank Stand, Shyre Mausoleum, Shyre Shelter, Temple of the Sun, and Whitewashing Mill aoa3:yellow_shyre_bricks_stairs ??

Ivory stairs[]

Ivory stairs require a pickaxe to be mined. If mined without a pickaxe, they will drop nothing. They can be crafted out of their corresponding ivory variant.

Stairs Name Made of Notes ID Version added
Intricate Amethyst Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Amethyst Ivory Stairs Intricate Amethyst Ivory.png Intricate Amethyst Ivory Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:intricate_amethyst_ivory_stairs ??
Intricate Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Ivory Stairs Intricate Ivory.png Intricate Ivory aoa3:intricate_ivory_stairs ??
Intricate Jade Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Jade Ivory Stairs Intricate Jade Ivory.png Intricate Jade Ivory aoa3:intricate_jade_ivory_stairs ??
Intricate Limonite Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Limonite Ivory Stairs Intricate Limonite Ivory.png Intricate Limonite Ivory aoa3:intricate_limonite_ivory_stairs ??
Intricate Rosite Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Rosite Ivory Stairs Intricate Rosite Ivory.png Intricate Rosite Ivory aoa3:intricate_rosite_ivory_stairs ??
Intricate Sapphire Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Sapphire Ivory Stairs Intricate Sapphire Ivory.png Intricate Sapphire Ivory aoa3:intricate_sapphire_ivory_stairs ??
Natural Amethyst Ivory Stairs.png Natural Amethyst Ivory Stairs Natural Amethyst Ivory.png Natural Amethyst Ivory Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:natural_amethyst_ivory_stairs ??
Natural Ivory Stairs.png Natural Ivory Stairs Natural Ivory.png Natural Ivory aoa3:natural_ivory_stairs ??
Natural Jade Ivory Stairs.png Natural Jade Ivory Stairs Natural Jade Ivory.png Natural Jade Ivory aoa3:natural_jade_ivory_stairs ??
Natural Limonite Ivory Stairs.png Natural Limonite Ivory Stairs Natural Limonite Ivory.png Natural Limonite Ivory aoa3:natural_limonite_ivory_stairs ??
Natural Rosite Ivory Stairs.png Natural Rosite Ivory Stairs Natural Rosite Ivory.png Natural Rosite Ivory aoa3:natural_rosite_ivory_stairs ??
Natural Sapphire Ivory Stairs.png Natural Sapphire Ivory Stairs Natural Sapphire Ivory.png Natural Sapphire Ivory aoa3:natural_sapphire_ivory_stairs ??
Ornate Amethyst Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Amethyst Ivory Stairs Ornate Amethyst Ivory.png Ornate Amethyst Ivory aoa3:ornate_amethyst_ivory_stairs ??
Ornate Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Ivory Stairs Ornate Ivory.png Ornate Ivory Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:ornate_ivory_stairs ??
Ornate Jade Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Jade Ivory Stairs Ornate Jade Ivory.png Ornate Jade Ivory aoa3:ornate_jade_ivory_stairs ??
Ornate Limonite Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Limonite Ivory Stairs Ornate Limonite Ivory.png Ornate Limonite Ivory aoa3:ornate_limonite_ivory_stairs ??
Ornate Rosite Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Rosite Ivory Stairs Ornate Rosite Ivory.png Ornate Rosite Ivory aoa3:ornate_rosite_ivory_stairs ??
Ornate Sapphire Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Sapphire Ivory Stairs Ornate Sapphire Ivory.png Ornate Sapphire Ivory aoa3:ornate_sapphire_ivory_stairs ??
Patterned Amethyst Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Amethyst Ivory Stairs Patterned Amethyst Ivory.png Patterned Amethyst Ivory aoa3:patterned_amethyst_ivory_stairs ??
Patterned Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Ivory Stairs Patterned Ivory.png Patterned Ivory aoa3:patterned_ivory_stairs ??
Patterned Jade Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Jade Ivory Stairs Patterned Jade Ivory.png Patterned Jade Ivory aoa3:patterned_jade_ivory_stairs ??
Patterned Limonite Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Limonite Ivory Stairs Patterned Limonite Ivory.png Patterned Limonite Ivory aoa3:patterned_limonite_ivory_stairs ??
Patterned Rosite Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Rosite Ivory Stairs Patterned Rosite Ivory.png Patterned Rosite Ivory aoa3:patterned_rosite_ivory_stairs ??
Patterned Sapphire Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Sapphire Ivory Stairs Patterned Sapphire Ivory.png Patterned Sapphire Ivory aoa3:patterned_sapphire_ivory_stairs ??

Stone stairs[]

Stone stairs are crafted out of their corresponding stone block. All stone stairs are nonrenewable.

Stairs Name Made of Notes ID Version added
Abyssal Stone Stairs.png Abyssal Stone Stairs Abyssal Stone.png Abyssal Stone aoa3:abyssal_stone_stairs 3.4
Aromatic Stone Stairs.png Aromatic Stone Stairs Aromatic Stone.png Aromatic Stone aoa3:aromatic_stone_stairs 3.4
Baron Stone Stairs.png Baron Stone Stairs Baron Stone.png Baron Stone aoa3:baron_stone_stairs 3.4
Bright Rock Stairs.png Bright Rock Stairs Bright Rock.png Bright Rock Generates naturally in: Ruined House (both variants) aoa3:bright_rock_stairs 3.4
Coral Rock Stairs.png Coral Rock Stairs Coral Rock.png Coral Rock aoa3:coral_rock_stairs 3.4
Creep Stone Stairs.png Creep Stone Stairs Creep Stone.png Creep Stone aoa3:creep_stone_stairs 3.4
Crystallised Rock Stairs.png Crystallised Rock Stairs Crystallised Rock.png Crystallised Rock aoa3:crystallised_rock_stairs 3.4
Darkened Rock Stairs.png Darkened Rock Stairs Darkened Rock.png Darkened Rock aoa3:darkened_rock_stairs 3.4
Dense Stone Stairs.png Dense Stone Stairs Dense Stone.png Dense Stone aoa3:dense_stone_stairs 3.4
Fungal Rock Stairs.png Fungal Rock Stairs Fungal Rock.png Fungal Rock aoa3:fungal_rock_stairs 3.4
Greckon Stone Stairs.png Greckon Stone Stairs Greckon Stone.png Greckon Stone aoa3:greckon_stone_stairs 3.4
Hellstone Stairs.png Hellstone Stairs Hellstone.png Hellstone aoa3:hellstone_stairs 3.4
Irostone Stairs.png Irostone Stairs Irostone.png Irostone aoa3:irostone_stairs 3.4
Lelyetian Stone Stairs.png Lelyetian Stone Stairs Lelyetian Stone.png Lelyetian Stone aoa3:lelyetian_stone_stairs 3.4
Polluted Stone Stairs.png Polluted Stone Stairs Polluted Stone.png Polluted Stone aoa3:polluted_stone_stairs 3.4
Precasian Lower-Rock Stairs.png Precasian Lower-Rock Stairs Precasian Lower-Rock.png Precasian Lower-Rock aoa3:precasian_lower_rock_stairs 3.4
Precasian Surface-Rock Stairs.png Precasian Surface-Rock Stairs Precasian Surface-Rock.png Precasian Surface-Rock aoa3:precasian_surface_rock_stairs 3.4
Pressed Creep Stone Stairs.png Pressed Creep Stone Stairs Pressed Creep Stone.png Pressed Creep Stone aoa3:pressed_creep_stone_stairs 3.4
Primed Stone Stairs.png Primed Stone Stairs Primed Stone.png Primed Stone aoa3:primed_stone_stairs 3.4
Runic Stone Stairs.png Runic Stone Stairs Runic Stone.png Runic Stone aoa3:runic_stone_stairs 3.4
Weightless Stone Stairs.png Weightless Stone Stairs Weightless Stone.png Weightless Stone aoa3:weightless_stone_stairs 3.4

Wooden stairs[]

Wooden stairs are best mineable with an axe, though they can be mined with any tool. They are crafted out of their corresponding wood planks. Unlike other stair types, wooden stairs are flammable. Wooden stairs are renewable.

Stairs Name Made of Notes ID Version added
Achony Stairs.png Achony Stairs Achony Planks.png Achony Planks aoa3:achony_stairs ??
Bloodwood Stairs.png Bloodwood Stairs Bloodwood Planks.png Bloodwood Planks aoa3:bloodwood_stairs ??
Churry Stairs.png Churry Stairs Churry Planks.png Churry Planks aoa3:churry_stairs ??
Creep Stairs.png Creep Stairs Creep Planks.png Creep Planks aoa3:creep_stairs ??
Dawnwood Stairs.png Dawnwood Stairs Dawnwood Planks.png Dawnwood Planks aoa3:dawnwood_stairs ??
Hauntedwood Stairs.png Hauntedwood Stairs Hauntedwood Planks.png Hauntedwood Planks aoa3:hauntedwood_stairs ??
Irowood Stairs.png Irowood Stairs Irowood Planks.png Irowood Planks Generates naturally in: Professors Lab aoa3:irowood_stairs ??
Lucalus Stairs.png Lucalus Stairs Lucalus Planks.png Lucalus Planks aoa3:lucalus_stairs ??
Lunide Stairs.png Lunide Stairs Lunide Planks.png Lunide Planks Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:lunide_stairs ??
Runic Stairs.png Runic Stairs Runic Planks.png Runic Planks aoa3:runic_stairs ??
Shadow Stairs.png Shadow Stairs Shadow Planks.png Shadow Planks aoa3:shadow_stairs ??
Shyre Stairs.png Shyre Stairs Shyre Planks.png Shyre Planks Generates naturally in: Archer Outpost, Ruined House (both variants), Ruined Statue, Shyre Lotto Bunker, Shyre Mausoleum, Temple of the Sun, and Whitewashing Mill aoa3:shyre_stairs ??
Stranglewood Stairs.png Stranglewood Stairs Stranglewood Planks.png Stranglewood Planks aoa3:stranglewood_stairs ??
Toxicwood Stairs.png Toxicwood Stairs Toxicwood Planks.png Toxicwood Planks aoa3:toxicwood_stairs ??