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Stained-Glass Lamp
Hardness 0.3
Blast resistance 0.3
Transparent None
Luminance 14
Flammable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
ID See #Data values
Version added 2.0

Stained-Glass Lamps are decorative light-emitting blocks.


Stained-Glass Lamps can be broken with a pickaxe. If mined with a pickaxe, they will drop themselves. If mined without a pickaxe, they will drop nothing.


Item Ingredient Recipe Description
Stained-Glass Lamp 1 Nether Quartz +
3 Redstone Dust +
1 of any Dye
The dye used determines the color.

Natural generation[]

Yellow Stained-Glass Lamps generate in the hub of Nowhere.

The rest of the colors do not naturally generate.


There are 16 types of stained-glass lamps, one for each color of dye.

If a Stained-Glass Lamp is powered with a redstone signal, then it will emit a light level of 14.

Data values[]

Block ID
Aqua Stained-Glass Lamp.png Aqua Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:aqua_stained_glass_lamp
Black Stained-Glass Lamp.png Black Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:black_stained_glass_lamp
Blue Stained-Glass Lamp.png Blue Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:blue_stained_glass_lamp
Brown Stained-Glass Lamp.png Brown Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:brown_stained_glass_lamp
Cyan Stained-Glass Lamp.png Cyan Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:cyan_stained_glass_lamp
Dark Grey Stained-Glass Lamp.png Dark Grey Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:dark_grey_stained_glass_lamp
Green Stained-Glass Lamp.png Green Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:green_stained_glass_lamp
Grey Stained-Glass Lamp.png Grey Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:grey_stained_glass_lamp
Lime Stained-Glass Lamp.png Lime Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:lime_stained_glass_lamp
Magenta Stained-Glass Lamp.png Magenta Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:magenta_stained_glass_lamp
Orange Stained-Glass Lamp.png Orange Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:orange_stained_glass_lamp
Pink Stained-Glass Lamp.png Pink Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:pink_stained_glass_lamp
Purple Stained-Glass Lamp.png Purple Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:purple_stained_glass_lamp
Red Stained-Glass Lamp.png Red Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:red_stained_glass_lamp
White Stained-Glass Lamp.png White Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:white_stained_glass_lamp
Yellow Stained-Glass Lamp.png Yellow Stained-Glass Lamp aoa3:yellow_stained_glass_lamp

Block states[]

All Stained-Glass Lamps have the same block states:

State Allowed values Description
lit true
Determines whether the block is lit or not.
toggleable true
Determines whether the lamp block is able to be lit or turned off by block updates or redstone.

Old recipe[]

In addition to the old recipe, life lamps would drop 5 iron ingots when mined.

Item Ingredient Recipe Description
Life Lamps 5 Iron Ingots +
1 Lava Bucket +
2 of any Dye +
1 Glass
The dye used determines the color. Note that the player must use 2 of the same dye to craft the lamp.


Off states[]

On states[]