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Soul Power

Soul Power is the resource that allows the player to use different Tablets.

Overview[ | ]

Soul Power has a max cap of 200. It has the slowest regeneration out of the resource bars, at 0.01 points per tick.

Manual regeneration[ | ]

Soul Power can be regenerated manually by using any of the Scythes. This includes Erebon Scythe, Luxon Scythe, Pluton Scythe, and Selyan Scythe.

Mob draining[ | ]

The Soulvyre and Lost Soul will drain various amounts of Soul Power from the player upon attacking them.

Usage[ | ]

Tablets[ | ]

Soul Power is used to activate Tablets. Each individual tablet requires an Activation Cost of Soul Power in order to use, and once activated, drains a certain amount of Soul Power every second.

Weapons[ | ]

Soulfire Bow consumes Soul Power to have its arrows lifesteal from targets.

Soul Spark and its upgrade Light Spark consume both 200 Energy and 50 Soul Power upon being used.

Tools[ | ]

Soulstone Axe, Soulstone Pickaxe, and Soulstone Shovel all consume Soul Power to double certain block drops.