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Snipers are long-ranged weapons that consume Metal Slugs.


Snipers are a weapon class added by Advent of Ascension. The mod adds 27 Snipers for the player to use.

Snipers are weapons that can be fired by pressing use, provided that the player has the correct ammo in their inventory. When held, all Snipers have an 'unholster time', the player must wait for the 'unholster time' to finish before being able to fire the Sniper. When firing a Sniper, the impact from the recoil will cause the player to look up slightly. Snipers can also be fired while sprinting. While a Sniper can be held in the offhand, it cannot be fired while in the offhand.

Firing a Sniper while unscoped will cause its projectiles to be inaccurate. However, by pressing crouch while a Sniper is held, the player will scope into the Sniper. Scoping will zoom in the screen and add a scope overlay. While scoped, a Sniper's accuracy is sharply increased and its recoil is heavily reduced. The projectiles fired by Snipers travel extremely fast compared to other ranged weapons. Sniper projectiles will also deal half their damage if the target is 20 blocks or less away from the player. Snipers have the highest base damage out of all weapon classes, but fire slowly and are mainly effective at long ranges.

All Snipers fire semi-automatically, which means the fire button must be manually pressed per shot.

Snipers deal gun damage. Sniper projectiles have a 60% chance to not deal knockback on hit.


Snipers can be given the following enchantments:

Bolded enchantments are ones added by Advent of Ascension. Any Snipers can be enchanted at an Enchantment Table, Anvil, or Infusion Table.

List of Snipers[]

Below is a list of all Snipers in the mod. By default, they are listed in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

Name Damage Unholster Time Fire Rate Recoil Durability Effects
Baron SSR.png Baron SSR 35 (♥×17.5) 1.43s 0.23/sec 12.7 240
Bayonette SR.png Bayonette SR 33 (♥×16.5)
Melee: 10 (♥×5)
1.42s 0.23/sec 11.69 300
Bolt Rifle.png Bolt Rifle 30 (♥×15) 1.38s 0.2/sec 10.23 100
Camo Rifle.png Camo Rifle 31.5 (♥×15.75) 1.41s 0.24/sec 10.96 150 Grants invisibility to the holder while scoped
Clown Cracker.png Clown Cracker 33.5 (♥×16.75) 1.43s 0.24/sec 11.94 305
Clownimator.png Clownimator 49.5 (♥×24.75) 1.49s 0.21/sec 20.63 545 Deals additional damage to weaker creatures
Crystaneer.png Crystaneer 37.5 (♥×18.75) 1.44s 0.23/sec 13.98 345 Oooh shiny
Dark Beast.png Dark Beast 50.5 (♥×25.25) 1.49s 0.21/sec 21.21 560
Deadlock.png Deadlock 25.5 (♥×12.75) 1.37s 0.22/sec 8.15 120 Deals additional damage the faster the target is moving
Decimator.png Decimator 33 (♥×16.5) 1.4s 0.21/sec 11.69 180 Deals additional damage to weaker creatures
Discharge Sniper.png Discharge Sniper 10 (♥×5) 1.43s 0.83/sec 2.2 540 Explodes on successful hit
Dual Sight.png Dual Sight 38.5 (♥×19.25) 1.44s 0.22/sec 14.51 350
Duster.png Duster 21 (♥×10.5) 1.4s 0.33/sec 6.21 170
Floro500.png Floro500 37 (♥×18.5) 1.49s 0.29/sec 13.72 550
Head Hunter.png Head Hunter 41.5 (♥×20.75) 1.45s 0.22/sec 16.12 380 Headshots cuts rechamber time in half
Hive Cracker.png Hive Cracker 44 (♥×22) 1.49s 0.24/sec 17.49 555
Ka500.png Ka500 30 (♥×15) 1.44s 0.29/sec 10.23 360
Mark Maker.png Mark Maker 36.5 (♥×18.25) 1.49s 0.29/sec 13.47 530
Mineral.png Mineral 58.5 (♥×29.25) 1.49s 0.18/sec 26.06 560
Monster.png Monster 38 (♥×19) 1.42s 0.21/sec 14.25 250
Moon Maker.png Moon Maker 38.5 (♥×19.25) 1.51s 0.29/sec 14.51 570
Rosid Rifle.png Rosid Rifle 45.5 (♥×22.75) 1.45s 0.2/sec 18.33 405 Spawns a friendly Rosid on successful hit
Sabbath.png Sabbath 44 (♥×22) 1.45s 0.21/sec 17.49 450 Inflicts long lasting wither on the target
Sludge Sniper.png Sludge Sniper 37 (♥×18.5) 1.44s 0.23/sec 13.72 350 Slows targets
Poisons targets
Sweet Tooth.png Sweet Tooth 32.5 (♥×16.25) 1.44s 0.26/sec 11.45 460 Gives a brief speed boost on successful hit
Terminator.png Terminator 53 (♥×26.5) 1.46s 0.18/sec 22.7 470
Viper-1.png Viper-1 30 (♥×15) 1.4s 0.22/sec 10.23 185 Poisons targets