Slice Star

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Slice Star
Slice Star.png
Type Thrown Weapon
Damage 4.5  (♥×2.25)
Fire rate 2.85/sec
Rarity color Common
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 2.2.5
ID aoa3:slice_star

The Slice Star is a Tier 0 thrown weapon.

Information[edit | edit source]

Statistics[edit | edit source]

When used, a Slice Star can be thrown at a rate of 2.85 projectiles per second, giving it an effective 12.825 (♥×6.4125) DPS.

Slice Star projectiles are affected by gravity.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Trading[edit | edit source]

Obtained from Level Price Price multiplier Item Stock Profession XP
Assassin 1 (Novice) Copper Coin.png 2 Copper Coins 0.05 Slice Star.png 2 Slice Stars 16 2

Weapons Case[edit | edit source]

Slice Stars can be found when opening a Weapons Case.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Slice Stars can be found in Dispensers that spawn in Jungle Temples.