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Skills as seen in the in-game menu.

Skills are a game mechanic in the mod that improve the player's stats, allow access to certain parts of the game, and enhance general gameplay. There are currently 6 trainable skills (as well as 4 unimplemented skills) in Advent of Ascension.


The Skills appearing below the Resource Systems.

The player can see their skills in two ways. The first way is to open the Advent GUI, which has a list of all skills inside the "Stats" tab. The second way is to enable them to pop up below the Resource Systems, as seen in the image on the right. By default, no key is assigned to the skills, so the player will need to assign one inside the Controls menu. Afterwards, the skills can be made to appear/disappear in the top right corner of the screen, right under the Resource Systems.

Each of these two ways of viewing skills only provides basic information, specifically:

  • the player's current level in each skill, which is shown as a number in the upper right corner of the skill icon.
  • the amount of xp that is required to increase the skill's level. This is represented by a bar below each skill.

Inside the Advent GUI Stats tab, the player can click on a skill icon to be taken to a page giving more detailed information about each skill. This information includes:

  • The skill's level.
  • The total amount of xp obtained for a skill overall, in the entire time spent training it.
  • The amount of xp that is still needed to increase the level.
  • the number of cycles that a skill has.
  • all of the skill's abilities, if any exist.

Levels and XP gain[]

Extraction at level 100.

Upon starting a new game, all of the player's skills will be at level 1, with 0 total xp, and no cycles.

As the player performs certain activities, the player will earn xp for a given skill. Once enough xp has been obtained, the player's skill level will increase by 1. The amount of xp needed to increase to the next level will increase as the level gets higher. The player can see how much xp they must obtain for the next level, and the total amount of xp obtained since they started training the skill, in the individual pages for each skill in the Advent GUI.

The highest obtainable level for all skills is 1000. Once the player reaches level 1000, the circular border surrounding the skill icon will become yellow, and the xp bar will disappear. Attempting to gain more xp for a skill at level 1000 will not give the player any xp.

Xp can be gained from a number of sources. Each skill has a particular way or ways that xp can be gained for it; performing these activities must be done if the player wants to obtain xp for a specific skill. The amount of xp gained from the activities may change naturally as the level increases, or the player may boost xp gain by wearing Utopian Armor (works for all skills) or special helms (only works for the helm's given skill).

Skill Crystals can be used to gain xp in skills without performing a skills activity. However, a skill crystal can only be used under specific conditions.

When the player gains experience for a skill, a popup will appear on top of the player's screen for a few seconds. This popup will show the skill icon for the skill the player gained experience in, and a number representing the amount of experience gained. If the player levels up, the number of the new level will also appear inside the skill icon.

The player can alter their skills using the aoa command.

Only 6 skills in the mod can be trained at this time. The other 4 skills cannot be trained in survival mode, but the player can still use commands to level them up.


5 of the 6 trainable skills come with a set of abilities, which become available as the player levels up. Abilities are a mechanic that give the player new abilities, or give the player the ability to use new items. The abilities can be seen inside each skill's page inside the Advent GUI. The player may have to scroll down to see all of the abilities.

Each ability is locked behind a specific skill level, and once that level is reached, the ability can be accessed. Once unlocked, all abilities, with the exception of "Level Restriction" abilities, can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the ability in the skill's page of the Advent GUI (the ability must be unlocked for this to work). An ability must be enabled in order for the player to take advantage of what it provides.

The new abilities or items that become accessible to the player through this mechanic vary depending on the skill. These may range from "Action Ability" ones, where the player must press a key to do something, to getting the ability to use or wear a new item.

If the player resets their skill level via cycling, then they lose the ability to use previous earned abilities until they reach the same level again.

The skill page for the Extraction skill. All abilities are unlocked and enabled.


Once the player reaches at least level 100 in a skill, an "Add Cycle" button will appear in the skill's page in the Advent GUI. Clicking on it will change the button to read "Are you sure?", and clicking it again while in this state will "cycle" the skill. This means that the skill's level will reset to 1, total xp earned will reset to 0, and all abilities will become relocked. The "cycle" of each skill with increase by 1. A skill's current cycle can be seen in the skill's page in the Advent GUI, and as a yellow number on the skill icon in both the Advent GUI 'Stats' page and when the skills are shown below the Resource Systems.

All skills have their own cycles independent of one another. The highest number of cycles a skill can do is 10. Once 10 cycles is reached, the skill cannot be cycled again, even if the player reaches level 100 again.

If the player clicks the "Add Cycle" button but changes their mind about cycling, then the player can simply refrain from clicking the "Are you sure?" and it will eventually revert back to the "Add Cycle" button, which will need to be clicked again.

Adding cycles to a skill will increase the amount of xp gained when training the skill by 300% per cycle.


Skill Is trainable?
Alchemy No
Creation No
Dexterity Yes
Engineering No
Extraction Yes
Farming Yes
Faunamancy No
Hauling Yes
Imbuing Yes
Innervation Yes

Untrainable skills[]

The Alchemy, Creation, Faunamancy, and Engineering skills are unused, and cannot be trained in survival mode, though they can be leveled up with commands.


The locations and existence of skills can be configured in the mod's config files.


The disableSkills config option in the aoa3_server_config.toml file can be used to disable or enable all skills entirely. Because of its presence in the aoa3_server_config.toml file, disabling skills is done on a per-world basis. If a world is entered when skills are disabled, all cycles, xp, and levels for all skills will be deleted; re-enabling skills for the same world will not get back the lost data.

When skills are disabled, the Stats tab of the Advent GUI will have the skills replaced with a message reading "Skills have been disabled by the server owner".


Main article: Skills/Datapack

Skills can be customized using a datapack.

Related Advancements[]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement goal bg.pngGiant Skill Crystal.png Centenarian Reach level 100 in any skill See description Actually Half Way There aoa3:completionist/centenarian No

Advancement challenge bg.pngDragon Egg.png Cycling Master Cycle any skill 10 times See description The Cycle Begins aoa3:completionist/cycling_master Yes

Advancement challenge bg.pngBottle o' Enchanting.png Millennial Reach level 1000 in any skill See description Centenarian aoa3:completionist/millennial Yes

Advancement challenge bg.pngTotem of Undying.png The Cycle Begins Cycle any skill at least once See description Centenarian aoa3:completionist/the_cycle_begins Yes