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Skill Master
Skill Master
Health 50 (♥×25)
Environment Nowhere
Hostility Passive
XP Xp Orb N/A
ID aoa3:skill_master
Version added 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha

Skill Master is an NPC from Nowhere.

Spawning[ | ]

A single Skill Master can spawn in the Nowhere Utility Lobby in the Nowhere dimension. This is the only one that can spawn naturally in the entire game.

Behavior[ | ]

The behavior of Skill Masters changes depending on the dimension they are in.

In the Nowhere dimension, Skill Masters stand completely still, and will never move from the spot they are at, though they can turn to face the player. Skill Masters in Nowhere are invulnerable to most damage, including damage from Creative mode players, but excluding damage from falling into the void.

In all other dimensions, Skill Masters can move around and take damage like a normal NPC would.

Trades[ | ]

Level Number of trades Price Price multiplier Item Stock Profession XP
1 (Novice) 10 Archaic Token 11 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Small Skill Crystal 1 Small Skill Crystal 32 20
Archaic Token 13 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Medium Skill Crystal 1 Medium Skill Crystal 24 50
Archaic Token 18 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Large Skill Crystal 1 Large Skill Crystal 16 75
Archaic Token 32 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Giant Skill Crystal 1 Giant Skill Crystal 12 125
Archaic Token 64 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Helm of the Dextrous 1 Helm of the Dextrous 2147483647 200
Archaic Token 64 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Helm of the Dryad 1 Helm of the Dryad 2147483647 200
Archaic Token 64 Archaic Tokens 0.05 File:Helm of the Ritualist.png 1 Helm of the Ritualist 2147483647 200
Archaic Token 64 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Helm of the Trawler 1 Helm of the Trawler 2147483647 200
Archaic Token 64 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Helm of the Treasurer 1 Helm of the Treasurer 2147483647 200
Archaic Token 64 Archaic Tokens 0.05 Helm of the Warrior 1 Helm of the Warrior 2147483647 200

Bestiary Entry[ | ]

An enigmatic being, the Skill Master can be found throughout the various planes of existence, seemingly wandering with little to no goals or intentions.

He will sell skill-related items if asked, but will not communicate with anyone, verbally or non-verbally. It is unclear where it came from, or even what species it is, but its presence throughout the realms does raise numerous questions.

One thing is known for sure however - despite being seemingly part of a group of like-minded individuals, the Skill Master is a single entity, and is inexplicably capable of projecting itself in multiple locations at once, even within the same line of sight. No-one is sure how this is possible, or why it does so, but previous encounters with the individual have shown this to be the case.