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Skeletal Army Arena
Skeletal Army Arena.png
Biome N/A
Consists of Skeletal Bricks.png Skeletal Bricks
Skeletal Lamp.png Skeletal Lamp
Army Block.png Army Block
Version added 1.0
ID SkeletalArmyArena

Skeletal Army Arenas are boss structures that spawn in Precasia.


Skeletal Army Arenas have a 1 in 1000 chance to generate per chunk in Precasia. Only one Skeletal Army Arena can generate per chunk.

They will only generate specifically in the Precasia dimension. Skeletal Army Arena will not generate in superflat worlds with the biome set to Precasia.


Skeletal Army Arenas are composed mainly of Skeletal Bricks. They generate as a rectangular prism composed of frames. Skeletal Lamps hang off of the sides of the structure. An Army Block can be found in the he structure.



Summoned with
SkeletalArmy.png Skeletal Army Ancient Orb


The following can only be obtained from the mobs in this structure:

Obtained from
CommanderArmorIcons.png Commander Armor Skeletal Army
Skeletal Sword.png Skeletal Sword Skeletal Army
Skeletal Bow.png Skeletal Bow Skeletal Army
Bone Blaster.png Bone Blaster Skeletal Army
Lightning Staff.png Lightning Staff Skeletal Army
Skeletal Banner.png Skeletal Banner Skeletal Army


The player is able to configure the generation rate of Skeletal Army Arenas in the mod's config file. By default the gen rate is set to 1000.


Version Information
1.0 Added Skeletal Army Arenas.
3.0 Can now be configured in the mod's config.
Can now be spawned using the aoastructure or aoastructures command.