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Shyre Bank Stand
Shyre Bank Stand.png
Biome N/A
Version added 3.5
ID aoa3:shyre_bank_stand

Shyre Bank Stand is a structure from Shyrelands.


Shyre Bank Stand generates on the surface of Shyrelands.


The Shyre Bank Stand is a small stand structure with a pointy roof. Inside the stand is a Shyre Banker.

Structure pieces[]

Structure piece Description Blocks Image
aoa3:shyrelands/shyre_bank_stand/shyre_bank_stand Size: 12x27x11
A single Shyre Banker generates in the structure.

Iron Bars.png Iron Bars
Shyre Fence.png Shyre Fence
Shyre Glass.png Shyre Glass
Shyre Log.png Shyre Log
Shyre Planks.png Shyre Planks
White Shyre Bricks.png White Shyre Bricks
White Shyre Bricks Slab.png White Shyre Bricks Slab
White Shyre Bricks Stairs.png White Shyre Bricks Stairs
Yellow Shyre Bricks.png Yellow Shyre Bricks
Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs
Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall

Shyre Bank Stand.png