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Shovels are tools used to dig grass, dirt, sand, and gravel among other things. When wielding a shovel, hold down left-click on the desired block to mine it. All shovels added by the mod have an attack speed of 1.0, though this is only relevant when using it as a weapon.


Shovels can be given the following enchantments:

Bolded enchantments are ones added by Advent of Ascension. Any Shovel added by the mod can be enchanted at an Enchantment Table, Anvil, or Infusion Table.

List of Shovels[]

Below is a list of all Shovels in the mod. By default, they are listed in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

To compare, Diamond shovel has: 5.5 Damage, 1561 Durability and 8 Efficiency. Netherite shovel has; 6.5 Damage, 2031 Durability and 9 Efficiency.

Tier 0 (Overworld)[]

Name Damage Efficiency Durability Effects
Amethyst Shovel.png Amethyst Shovel 7 (♥×3.5) 8 1200
Jade Shovel.png Jade Shovel 6.5 (♥×3.25) 7.5 650
Limonite Shovel.png Limonite Shovel 4.5 (♥×2.25) 5 350
Occult Shovel.png Occult Shovel 8.5 (♥×4.25) 11 3000 Digs faster the more durability it has lost
Rosite Shovel.png Rosite Shovel 6 (♥×3) 6.5 600
Sapphire Shovel.png Sapphire Shovel 7.5 (♥×3.75) 9 2500

Tier 1[]

Name Damage Efficiency Durability Effects
Emberstone Shovel.png Emberstone Shovel 8 (♥×4) 10 2000 Automatically smelts blocks when harvested
Ornamyte Shovel.png Ornamyte Shovel 8.5 (♥×4.25) 10 2750 Digs up Grass very quickly
Skeletal Shovel.png Skeletal Shovel 8.5 (♥×4.25) 10 2000 High in Calcium

Tier 2[]

Name Damage Efficiency Durability Effects
Goofy Shovel.png Goofy Shovel 0 (♥×0) 8 1500 Slowly regenerates durability over time
Deals no damage to enemies

Tier 3[]

Name Damage Efficiency Durability Effects
Energistic Shovel.png Energistic Shovel 8.5 (♥×4.25) 11 2000 Right click to charge with Energy EnergyIcon.png
Consumes charges to dig blocks faster
Soulstone Shovel.png Soulstone Shovel 8.5 (♥×4.25) 11 2000 Consumes Soul Power SoulIcon.png to double natural block drops