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Shadowlord Platform
Shadowlord Platform.png
Biome N/A
Consists of Bloodstone Bricks.png Bloodstone Bricks
Shadow Altar.png Shadow Altar
Version added 1.0
ID ShadowlordPlatform

The Shadowlord Platform is a structure that spawns in the Abyss.


Shadowlord Platforms have a default 1 in 420 chance to generate per chunk on top of the surface of the Abyss. They will only generate if the spawning block is the biome's top block (Abyssal Grass). Only one shadowlord platform will generate per chunk.

Shadowlord platforms generate exclusively in the Abyss dimension, setting a superflat world to the Abyss biome will not cause shadowlord platforms to generate.


Shadowlord Platforms are small structures made of Bloodstone Bricks. The structure consists entirely of a platform suspended above the ground, with a staircase leading up to the platform. A Shadow Altar can be found on top of the structure.



Summoned with
Shadowlord.png Shadowlord Book of Shadows.png Book of Shadows


Boss loot[]

Obtained from
Big Blast.png Big Blast Shadowlord
Shadowlord Staff.png Shadowlord Staff Shadowlord


The player is able to configure the generation rate of Shadowlord Platform in the mod's config file. By default the gen rate is set to 420.