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Rune Templar
Health 400 (♥×200)
Size Width: 1.125 blocks
Height: 2.0 blocks
Damage 0 (♥×0)
Environment Runandor
XP Xp Orb.png ?
Version added 1.1


Rune Templar is a mob that spawns in Runic Rooms in the underground of the Runandor. The player can activate a Rune Templar by using a Runic Energy and a corresponding Rune- both items are required but only the Runic Energy is consumed. It loses energy constantly, however Runic Lifeforms will heal it. It regularly spawns Runic Lifeforms. When it loses all energy, it will drop a Mega Rune Fragment of the corresponding color. It comes in four different colors.

Runes required to activate templars:

Blue = Water Rune.png Water Rune

Red = Fire Rune.png Fire Rune

Green = RunePoison.png Poison Rune

Yellow = RuneEnergy.png Energy Rune