Rune Post

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Rune Post
Rune Posts.gif
Hardness -1
Blast resistance 999999999
Rarity color Common
Version added 1.1

Rune Posts are blocks that are used to determine what type of runes a rune shrine can make.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

All rune posts are unbreakable, and thus cannot be obtained in survival mode.

Natural generation[edit | edit source]

All rune posts generate as a part of their own rune shrine structure. Each rune shrine structure generates with 4 of the same rune post on top of pillars in each corner of the structure.

Usage[edit | edit source]

On their own, rune posts are not used for anything, but they can be used in conjunction with a rune shrine block to make runes. In order to make runes, the rune posts must be placed 3 blocks away from the rune shrine block on both the positive and negative x-axis and z-axis, and 2 blocks up on the y-axis.

The below table shows what runes each rune posts helps make:

Rune Post Required Rune Dimension
Wind Post.png Wind Rune Post Wind Rune.png Wind Rune Overworld
Fire Post.png Fire Rune Post Fire Rune.png Fire Rune The Nether
Water Post.png Water Rune Post Water Rune.png Water Rune L'Borean
Poison Post.png Poison Rune Post Poison Rune.png Poison Rune Vox Ponds
Wither Post.png Wither Rune Post Wither Rune.png Wither Rune The Abyss
Lunar Post.png Lunar Rune Post Lunar Rune.png Lunar Rune Lunalus
Energy Post.png Energy Rune Post Energy Rune.png Energy Rune Iromine
Strike Post.png Strike Rune Post Strike Rune.png Strike Rune The Haven
Storm Post.png Storm Rune Post Storm Rune.png Storm Rune Greckon
Kinetic Post.png Kinetic Rune Post Kinetic Rune.png Kinetic Rune Gardencia
Power Rune Post.png Power Rune Post Power Rune.png Power Rune Barathos
Compass Post.png Compass Rune Post Compass Rune.png Compass Rune Celeve
Distortion Post.png Distortion Rune Post Distortion Rune.png Distortion Rune Mysterium
Life Post.png Life Rune Post Life Rune.png Life Rune Precasia