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Ruined Teleporter Frame
Ruined Teleporter Frame.png
Version added Tslat 1.1
ID aoa3:ruined_teleporter_frame

The Ruined Teleporter Frame is a worn down ruin structure that spawns in the Overworld.


Ruined Teleporter Frames generate in between layers y = 10 and y = 20 in the Overworld.


The structure consists of a portal frame sitting on top of a base, both of which are made out of Ancient Rock. Some of the Ancient Rock blocks in the structure are replaced with air, giving the structure a ruined look (there is a 15% chance per Ancient Rock to become air). A Corrupted Traveller generates in the structure.

Structure pieces[]

If the player generates the structure manually (e.g.: with commands or a structure block), the structure will generate intact, without any of the Ancient Rock getting replaced with air. In addition, the structure will generate with four carved runes, one Carved Rune of Direction, one Carved Rune of Travel, one Carved Rune of Space, and one Carved Rune of Reality, in the four corners of the portal frame. The carved runes will not appear in the naturally generated Ruined Teleporter Frame.

Structure piece Description Contents Image
aoa3:overworld/ruined_teleporter_frame/ruined_teleporter_frame Size: 15x9x11

The following entities are generated with this structure:
Corrupted Traveller.png Corrupted Traveller
Ancient Rock.png Ancient Rock

The following blocks will only appear if the structure is manually generated:
Carved Rune of Direction.png Carved Rune of Direction
Carved Rune of Reality.png Carved Rune of Reality
Carved Rune of Space.png Carved Rune of Space
Carved Rune of Travel.png Carved Rune of Travel
Ruined Teleporter Frame.png